A Day In The Life Of: Ruby Jacenko

Heading to meet Ruby Jacenko, its hard not to hold onto any pre-conceived notions you may have about her. With one warm smile and a Not Going Home t-shirt from her line, Ruby dispels it all.

An hour into our shoot, Ruby and I are chatting about boys, uni and life- just a genuine, hard working girl with a vision for her brand, which has quickly garnered a cult following with her “Aint Laurent Without Yves” shirts going viral in the last few months.

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We took a sneak peek into a day in the life of the busy entrepreneur to get a feel for what life really is like for Ruby Jacenko.

7:30am: Alarm goes off. I put the TV on so something catches my attention (usually The Simpsons) and I don’t hit the snooze button.

7:45am: Check Instagram (@NotGoingHome) and the Not Going Home Facebook

8am: Have breakfast. Nutella on toast and a green tea.

8:30am: Arrive at my office. Check to see what orders came in while I was sleeping. Over 70 orders came in overnight… woo hoo!!!!

8:45am: Approve new t-shirt and sweater designs.

9:15am: Today is stock take. Hurray…not!

12:30pm: Still make time for lunch with friends at Vicinity in Alexandria.

2:00pm: Back in the office. Respond to emails, while eating a packet of Oreo’s with 100’s & 1000’s. Yum.

2:30pm: Blogger Connie from K is for Kani just posted a photo wearing the Not Going Home Ain’t Laurent sweater. YEAHHHH!!!

2:45pm: Quick break to play on the pinball machine in the Not Going Home showroom.

3:00pm: Time to start packing orders that need to be sent today.

6:00pm: Arrive home from work, have a quick shower and get dressed for dinner.

7:30pm: Having dinner at Sushi E with some friends then head to a new bar in the city called The Lobo Plantation.

11:57pm: Arrive home. Get on the computer and see what orders have come in while I have been out.

12:30am: Respond to emails.

1:00am: Check instagram, Facebook & Twitter

1:15am: Sleep!


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