9 Of The Best Activities For Your Next Girls Night In


While we often spend Friday counting down the hours until 5pm, often we’re actually counting down until we get to go home and curl up on the lounge with a much-deserved glass of red.

Friday nights don’t always have to be about going out for dinner or to a bar – sometimes a night in is exactly what you need – and we definitely don’t blame you! So why not make the most of it and call the girls over for a night that is guaranteed to be just as exciting as a night out.

Click through for 9 fun ideas for your next ‘Girls Night In’ and start messaging the group chat immediately!

girls night in - taylor swift

#1 – ‘Bake Off’

Nothing says “girls night” like indulging in a whole heap of desserts – so why not take it to the next level by designating different desserts for everyone to make and judging each other’s at the end! This one is definitely guaranteed the chance to laugh at everyone’s (lack of) culinary skills.

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