Get Glossing: Tips You Need To Get The Latest Look In Beauty


We’ve come a long way from learning how to contour and highlight our way to achieving celebrity cheekbones. Just when you thought you’d nailed contouring, strobing came onto the scene (think: chunky layers of glitter highlight). And now, with all of this matte skin and extreme highlighting, it’s no surprise we’re moving back to a natural and ‘wet’ look this season.

Glossing is in.

For all the beauty junkies who want to give their skin a rest (finally!), say hello to the new trend – glossing. The key: A dewy complexion, natural bronze and sheer glow, lip gloss and glossy lids for an added statement. 


So, ditch the glitter highlights and matte makeup, here are the products you need to get the luminous natural glow that is  glossing.

glossing product suggestion

#1 Skin prep

Glossing is all about a natural dewy complexion and healthy looking skin. Use rich moisturisers such as Neutrogena HydroBoost Aqua Gel ($24.99 Priceline), followed by a moisturising primer such as Too Faced Hangover Primer ($46 MECCA) to get the skin hydrated and ready for makeup application.

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