8 Audrey-Inspired Skincare Tips For The Festive Season

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The festive season can wreak havoc with our skin, but fear not, we’ve curated a simple cheat sheet along with some invaluable tips inspired by the timeless elegance of Audrey Hepburn to ensure your skin remains luminous, healthy and glowing.

As the festive season is upon us, our calendars fill with joyous celebrations, family gatherings, and end-of-year festivities. Whilst the holiday spirit brings happiness, late nights, and countless glasses of bubbly, end of year fatigue and stress can quite easily take its toll on our skin.

Keep reading for everything you need to know about maintaining your skin at this time of year.

#1 – Hydration is Key…..so drink up!

As Audrey Hepburn herself once said, “Water is life, and clean water means health”. Maintaining optimal hydration is crucial for keeping your complexion looking healthy and luminous. For those of us who do like to indulge, the holiday season often tempts us with sugary beverages and alcohol, both of which can dehydrate our skin.

Therefore, it’s vital to counteract this by ensuring you drink plenty of water – ideally 8 glasses a day to help keep your skin plump and well hydrated. Carry a re-usable water bottle with you and set a reminder on your phone if you find yourself forgetting. Your skin will thank you!

#2 – Protect your skin – always

Audrey’s elegance was timeless, and so should be your commitment to sunscreen. Even during the winter months, UV rays can damage your skin but Australia’s summer is when we really need to step up our SPF game.

Choose a broad-spectrum sunscreen with a minimum of SPF30 and apply it generously and repeatedly if you are planning on being outside or after swimming or exercising. Carry an SPF spray in your handbag so you can reapply even over your makeup without disturbing it. Committing to wearing can prevent premature aging and will help you to maintain the radiance that Audrey so effortlessly embodied.

#3 – Mindful Indulgence – nourish your skin from within

Indulging in festive treats is a part of the holiday spirit, but be mindful of what you consume. Try to incorporate antioxidant-rich foods like berries, leafy greens, and nuts into your diet as these foods can help to combat oxidative stress as well as promoting a healthy, radiant complexion. Audrey’s beauty was not just skin-deep; it emanated from a well-nourished body and soul.

#4 – Pamper yourself!

The holiday season can be a hectic time, but don’t neglect your skincare routine and let it fall to the wayside. Treat your skin to a weekly mask infused with nourishing ingredients. Audrey was a devotee of self-care, and a hydrating or brightening mask can do wonders for tired and stressed-out skin. Set aside a quiet moment, perhaps with a cup of herbal tea, and let the mask work its magic.

audrey hepburn beauty inspiration

#5 – Simplicity is key

Audrey’s timeless beauty secret lies in simplicity and was built on a foundation of clean, well-nourished skin. Opt for a gentle, hydrating cleanser to rid your skin of impurities without stripping away its natural oils. Consider a double cleansing routine to ensure thorough removal of makeup and pollutants – especially after a night of indulgence!

#6 – Beauty Sleep – a timeless elixir

Audrey was known for her grace and poise, attributes that are enhanced by adequate rest. Ensure you get a good night’s sleep amidst the holiday excitement. Quality sleep promotes cell regeneration and collagen production, contributing to a glowing complexion. Invest in a silk pillowcase to minimize friction and reduce the risk of waking up with sleep lines.

#7 – Treat your skin

If you have time off over the holiday period, it’s the perfect time to check out that treatment you’ve been eyeing off. Whether it’s a session with a hydrodermabrasion machine or perhaps you have some pigmentation you would like to get taken care of thanks to an IPL machine – why wait? Clinics will quite often have holiday specials so it’s the perfect time to treat yourself!

#8 – Consistency is Key

Audrey’s beauty routine was built on consistency. Stick to a skincare routine that suits your skin type, with a focus on cleansing, moisturising, and protection. Avoid experimenting with new skincare products during the festive season to prevent unwanted flare-ups or potential skin reactions.

As you navigate the whirlwind of holiday festivities, remember that maintaining radiant skin is a reflection of self-care and mindfulness. Channel your inner Audrey Hepburn by embracing simplicity, nourishing your skin from within, and prioritising rest and relaxation. With these timeless tips, you can unwrap the gift of luminous skin and step into the new year with the same elegance that Audrey exuded throughout her life.

This article was in collaboration with beauty suppliers The Global Beauty Group. To learn more about professional skincare or microdermabrasion machines please visit their website The Global Beauty Group or call them on 1300 006 607 to find a treatment specialist in your area.

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