7 Easy Tips To A Journey Of Natural Living And Beauty.


Recently I attended the launch of a new range of skin and haircare products by natural beauty brand ‘Natural Instinct’. The brand’s ambassador, Lee Holmes (a holistic nutritionist and wellbeing expert who runs the blog ‘Supercharged Food‘) spoke to us about her journey to natural living, and explained the benefits that a more natural style of living can have on our lives.

A lot more of us are becoming aware of the ingredient lists on the foods we eat, and it’s a natural next step to really look at the ingredients we use on our skin and body. A lot of the feedback I receive is that people think natural beauty and natural living is hard, and I like to say it’s about trying different things and learning what works for you.

Lee Holmes Natural Instinct Ambassador 2

Here are Lee’s best tips to get you started on a journey of natural living and beauty..


#1 – Avoid harsh chemical cleaning products

There are so many alternatives to the harsh chemical products found on supermarket shelves. Products like baking soda and white vinegar often work just as well and are completely safe. You can keep these mixed up in spray bottles ready to use.

#2 – Always look for natural skincare alternatives

Look for chemical-free alternatives for your skincare regime – natural ingredients are definitely just as effective. Brands like Natural Instinct have a great range of products made from all natural ingredients like Lavender, Kakadu Plum, Ylang Ylang and Chamomile. They also use beautiful ingredients like lemon peel and rosemary that smell divine. I love their Rosehip Oil and I’m currently trying their new Moisture Surge shampoo and conditioner.

#3 – Avoid artificial light at night time

In the screen-obsessed world we live in we think very little about the affect it has on us. An excess of artificial light can disrupt your internal body clock and make it harder to sleep. Put your phone away at least an hour before bed.

#4 – Buy clothes made from natural fibres

Synthetic materials are everywhere these days, but they can cause havoc with sensitive skin. Look for cotton and bamboo in particular, as beautiful natural fibres.

#5 – The same goes for bedding and sheets

As we spend a third of our day asleep (or should strive to) it’s very important to think about where you spend that time. Some sheets and beddings contain fire retardants so it’s best to make sure you avoid these at all costs. Again, look to natural fibres like cotton and bamboo..

#6 – If you’re growing your own herbs and veges, make sure you use chemical free soils and fertilizers.

Much like our own bodies, herbs and veges absorb a lot of what is around them. If you’re eating veges grown in chemically enhanced soils then you are also absorbing those nasties. An organic fertiliser is the best way to go. I have a herb wall at home and love to grow my own. It’s really easy to grow herbs and a lot of fun.

#7 – Try to prepare meals from scratch

The best way to know what you’re eating is to look at ingredients lists and always go for whole food options. Better still find recipes you like and be inspired to make your own! And if you use gorgeous in season and fresh, ingredients your meals will taste incredible. Everyone’s a winner!

Lee’s blog, Supercharged Food helps people lead healthier, happier and more natural lives by providing tips and delicious recipes. 

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