5 Things To Avoid When Wearing A Wide Leg Pants Outfit

how to style wide leg pants

If you find yourself having trouble with outfit balance when you’re wearing wide leg pants, here are five things that can sabotage the balance of your look – and how to avoid them.

Some people are blessed with an innate sense of how to perfectly pull an outfit together, regardless of the type of clothing they’re wearing. However, many of us aren’t so lucky and find ourselves struggling to figure out how to make our outfits look good while we’re in them. This can be especially true when you’re wearing wide leg pants! 

If you’re a fan of this look, then you’re in luck. Summer and the holidays are the perfect opportunity to bring them into your silly season outfits. Wide leg pants can look both festive and elegant if you follow some simple styling guidelines. 

Keep reading to learn what you should avoid when styling wide leg pants

how to style wide leg pants

#1 – Choosing A Long, Oversize Top 

One of the trickiest aspects of a wide leg pants outfit is ensuring that it doesn’t overwhelm your body’s proportions. To do this, you need to balance the fullness of the pants with what you’re wearing on top.

You can do things like tucking in longer tops to the waist band, wearing form-fitting and cropped tops, and in general, opting for tops that don’t swamp your entire top half. 

Petite women, especially, can struggle with creating balance with a wide leg silhouette. When you’re not tall, you need to be creative to restore a balanced silhouette. For petite women, it’s best to look for form-fitted tops that accentuate your shapes and show your proportions. Oversize tops can work if you are tall, but they’re harder to style when you’re petite.

#2 – Visible Lingerie Lines

There’s nothing that will ruin the look of an outfit faster than having a visible underwear line. But, the wrong underwear choice can also disrupt your wide-leg outfit balance.

Noting that wide leg pants tend to create a two-thirds/one-third ratio, they make your legs appear to cover two-thirds of your body length. However, when your lingerie creates lines on top of your thighs or bottom, this can throw off the outfit balance.

Instead, get rid of any visible lines and shop for women’s underwear here keeping a focus on thongs and seamless cuts. Shapewear that maintains your tummy under high-waisted designs is also a great option. 

#3 – Low-Waisted Pants

While there’s nothing wrong with low-waisted pants, the design may work against you – especially if they’re also wide legged. Because low-waisted wide legs pants can make your torso appear longer, this can again affect the overall outfit balance.

The purpose of wide leg pants is to give the illusion of long legs. The lower the waist sits, the shorter your legs will appear.

So, who should opt for low-waisted pants? These are best suited for people who have a short torso. It is a great way to bring out the two-thirds legs and one-third torso balance. 

#4 – The Wrong Shoes

Of course, there are right and wrong shoes to wear with wide leg pants. According to this shoe website, the rule is don’t wear shoes that go above the ankle, and you don’t want shoes that can interfere with the way the pants fall.

For instance, calf or high boots are a no, as they will make your legs appear shorter by creating lines that are visible. Who What Wear recommends a selection of simple flats to elegant ankle boots to maximise the long leg effect.

#5 – Over-Accessorising

While there’s a time and place for bold accessories, utilising too many accessories when you are already wearing an eye-catching item can distract the eye.

Maximalism is a tricky trend to wear, and it is one that can make your proportions disappear. So be careful about what you want to emphasise when you are combining heavy accessories with wide leg pants!

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