5 Stunning Engagement Ring Ideas That Aren’t Diamonds

unusual engagement rings
If you’re looking to pop the question to a woman who’s anything but basic – skip the diamond! These stunning gemstone engagement rings are just as other-worldly as your love for each other.

When you consider marrying the love of your life, one of the first things that comes to mind is the engagement ring. Putting a ring on your lady’s left finger is seen as a symbol of a union between two people. Secondly, an engagement ring can be a sign that you’ll always be with her.  

With that being said, looking for the perfect engagement ring for your partner is one of the first steps in a marriage proposal. But finding the perfect one out of the many selections available, such as through Joseph George’s Engagement Rings, can be overwhelming.

Apart from that, there are several other factors to keep in mind when making a choice. For example, is the love you have for your partner a standard, run-of -the mill type of love? Didn’t think so. And neither should the engagement ring you choose  simply satisfy the norm. Despite popular belief, diamonds are not rare – they’re just marketed that way!

Rather than follow the crowd, find a ring that sets you apart from the rest. Gemstone engagement rings offer a unique alternative that makes a statement about your special bond together. Show that your love is different by presenting her with one of these unique engagement ring ideas.

5 Stunning Engagement Rings That Aren’t Diamonds


#1 – Moissanite Rings

Moissanite rings may look similar to diamonds, but you won’t see this gem nearly as often. Found originally in a meteor by a scientist, Moissanite is a gem that’s literally out of this world. Its high refractive index gives it a rainbow sparkle that’s brighter than its more famous counterpart, so if your lady loves bling, this ring will suit her perfectly.

Also, because Moissanite stones aren’t mined from the earth like diamonds are, this is an eco-friendly and conflict-free stone. Moissanite looks amazing set in a vintage-style setting in either platinum or white gold.

Pink Tourmaline engagement rings

#2 – Pink Tourmaline

Engagement rings with pink stones radiate beautiful softness – they are perfect for feminine women who aren’t afraid of showing this side of themselves. Pink Tourmaline offers more than just gorgeous sparkle. This stone is thought to cleanse the spirit and help heal old wounds, making it the perfect stone to signify how your new life together will heal you both.

morganite engagement ring

#3 – Morganite

The unusual peach hue of Morganite gives it an opulent and vintage appearance, making it the perfect choice for the woman who likes to stand out. Costing much less than the overplayed diamond, Morganite pops against a detailed setting in either yellow gold or white metals. It looks rich as tonal when set in rose gold. A dusting of diamonds in the setting adds a luxurious and bright touch without breaking the budget.

aquamarine engagement rings

#4 – Aquamarine

If your lady is a water goddess, this stone exudes the very essence of the ocean and tells her that you love her to all depths! Plus, an aquamarine engagement ring is a perfect way to bring “something blue” into your wedding day. Aquamarine dazzles against white gold in either a minimalist or detailed setting. A sprinkling of diamonds enhances the beauty of this magical stone. Check out Larsen Jewellery in Melbourne if you’re interested in having a stunning Aquamarine engagement ring made for someone special.

garnet engagement rings

#5 – Garnet

Show your lady the passion you hold for her with this deep red stone. Garnet rings not only look exotic and luxurious, they hold deep spiritual meaning. These unique gemstones open up the heart chakra and signify passion and encourage empowerment. Choosing a heart cut will emphasise the meaning behind her ring.

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