5 Smart Ways to Save on Monthly Bills At Home

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Through laziness or sloppy money habits, it’s easy to turn a normal bill into a massive budget buster without even realising it. In this article, we outline some of the easiest and best ways to save on your monthly living expenses within the home.

It goes without saying that in Australia, and many other developed nations for that matter, monthly bills can get expensive – especially if you’re not actively trying to save on them!

Whether you need to make some updates around the home or simply be more mindful, there are a few ways you can put more money back in your pocket each month. Here’s how:

#1 – Unplug Unused Electronics

Believe it or not, leaving unused devices plugged in still wastes energy in small amounts, and those small energy draws can start to add up even if you have already switched to cheap electricity. If you don’t have a fixed rate on your energy bill, these tiny trickles (especially over peak periods) could hike your electricity costs way higher than they should be.

To save money, try unplugging electronics that aren’t used very often. It might not seem like much, but the different draw rates between multiple devices can save you a boat load each month. If you can’t unplug things, try putting them on timers that will cut the power to power to the cables.

#2 – Turn off the Lights and Swap to LED Bulbs

Another great way to save money comes from simply being mindful in your house and turning off the lights. Traditional light bulbs draw large amounts of power, but only use roughly 5% to emit that light. The rest of the energy is wasted and turns into heat.

So, leaving your lights on can do two things: waste energy, and combat your cooling. Turning off the lights is the best route to saving quick money, but it’s not the only thing you can do.

Let’s say you are one of those people who simply can’t turn off your lights no matter how hard you try to remember. In that case, you can STILL save money on lighting. Instead of trying to remember to turn them off, you can replace them with LED bulbs to lower your electricity bills.

LED bulbs are a bit more expensive up front, but most of them come with a lifetime warranty and use much less energy overall than a conventional light bulb. You’ll be happy you spent that extra money on the LED bulbs when you get your bill… and 20 years later when you realise you still haven’t had to replace them!

smart ways to reduce monthly expenses

#3 – Get Curtains/Cover the Windows

Windows are great because they let you stop for a moment and appreciate the outside world. Windows are terrible because they are areas that let heat escape the easiest in winter, and they are where you lose the cool air of your AC during summer. Bad windows can lead to massive changes in your bill for this very reason.

There are a few ways you can combat this loss of energy through your windows. The first solution is simply to cover them. A thin line of plastic can help make a huge difference to how your windows lose heat.

The other way to combat energy or heat loss is to get thick curtains. By covering over any gaps and adding an additional layer in front of the glass, you’re effectively doing the same thing as installing insulated plastic, but it’s a bit more stylish.

#4 – Fix Leaks and Cracks

Just like the treatment to windows above, cracks and leaks anywhere can lead to massive changes in your home’s electricity or gas bill. Air that leaks in and out of the house can happen from door jams, to window frames, and poorly insulated areas of the home. Fixing these can help add wonderful warmth during the frozen winter months, and keep the cool air in during the heat of summer.

#5 – Get a Smart Thermostat

Another great option to conserve energy is getting a smart thermostat that adapts to the weather outside. These little beauties change the settings on your home heating and cooling system automatically according to the outside temperature.

Given they are so effective at saving power and reducing the bills of homeowners, smart thermostats have been revolutionising a lot of home heating and cooling systems. They’re a great idea for anyone looking to cut down on monthly expenses.

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