5 Mistakes To Avoid When Designing Your Airbnb

how to design your aibnb

You’ve finally decided to start welcoming people from around the world into your property but aren’t sure where to start. Here are the top mistakes many Airbnb property owners make that you need to avoid.

To make your property as easy to maintain as possible, and to attract as many visitors as possible, consistency in design and layout is key. It also makes it possible for you to opt for short term Airbnb management to ensure your property is always ready to welcome new guests.

5 Mistakes That Will Sabotage Your Airbnb 

#1 – Not decorating your property for the target audience

Your property’s location will attract a certain type of crowd, and it is essential to design your property to cater to your target audience’s specific needs.

For instance, if your location is a popular holiday destination for family holidays, chances are high that most bookings will come from families that have children or teenagers. Adding video games, board games, soft toys, children’s colouring books and so on will be attractive features for parents and keep children and teenagers occupied while their parents unwind.

Note: Do check with the guardians or parents if they are fine with video games or other entertainment elements added to the property before arrival. This will ensure you are also being careful and considerate about their parenting choices.

#2 – Too much and too little decor

Striking the right balance is important when you are adding decorative items to your property. Too many decor items can make it difficult to maintain and walk around (and it increases the chances your guests will end up breaking something).

Too little decor will make it difficult for your interior theme to be comfortable or impressive. To strike the right balance, make sure you are not adding more than three or four decor items in a room.

For instance, in the bedroom, consider one decoration piece on a dresser or table, and two by individual bedside tables. In the main living area, add a decoration item as the centrepiece on the main table and individual pieces on a sideboard or coffee table.

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#3 – Poor and bright lighting

Most people are coming to your Airbnb to relax and unwind from their regular, hectic lifestyles. Bright lights make it difficult for anyone to relax as it signals the brain to become active and get into work mode. Instead, consider getting low-intensity warm lighting installed at a low height.

This gives a relaxing ambience without making the brain rush into work mode. Additionally, low lighting is also a great way to add more character to your living space by highlighting the shelves and corners. There are ample LED smart light options that you can consider installing. These not only look good but also help save on electricity bills.

#4 – Don’t install random art pieces

It may seem tempting to install random art pieces on empty walls and staircases or in the lobby area, but it’s best to avoid doing so without a bit of a plan. Instead of installing them here and there, be more strategic. – less is more. If you are opting to install one artwork per room, make sure they are large and hung in the middle of the wall.

If you are planning to install more than one painting, go for to install three, five or seven paintings (odd numbers) and arrange them in an aesthetically pleasing order instead of putting them together in a straight line.

#5 – Not paying enough attention to providing amenities

Your guests shouldn’t be requesting you for everything they need. Consider adding basic amenities like a toiletry kit, snacks, clean towels, shampoo, conditioners, and lotions.

You don’t have to overdo it and can always keep room for guests to make requests. There are a lot of things that people forget when they are packing their luggage, and offering these will make you come across as a considerate and thoughtful host (which will reflect in the reviews they’ll leave).

Final thoughts

Hosting guests is an exciting experience for every Airbnb host, but it takes a lot of preparation and consideration to do it right. In their quest to offer comfort, oftentimes, hosts end up overdoing the decor and decoration part. This can not only be off-putting to potential guests, it can make it difficult for visitors to  unwind and enjoy their stay.

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