4 Fun And Awesome Things To Do In New Zealand

things to do in newzealand

New Zealand is a dream destination for many travellers. A quick search on its stunning cities and its breathtaking natural landscapes is enough to make you want to book your tickets there, stat.

The country, colloquially known as land of the long white cloud, has something to offer to all kinds of travellers – from foodies to thrill seekers, it’s extremely difficult to not have the best time ever there.

Below you’ll find 4 ideas of fun and awesome things you can do in New Zealand!

#1 – Explore Hawke’s Bay

Do you like wine? Do you love swimming in beautiful beaches? If you have answered yes to both questions, then Hawke’s Bay is the ideal place for you.

Hawke’s Bay is an area in the East of New Zealand’s North Island, and it is famous for both its exquisite wine and its amazing beaches. You can go on bike tours, admire the view from the Napier’s Marine Parade or visit the over 200 vineyards in the area.

As you can probably understand, you will need a car in order to explore the whole area. It’ll be easier for you to hire one there as you can pick it up when you land in the country and drop it off before you depart.

You can hire a reliable car on Enjoy Travel as it shows the available options from major car companies at the best prices. Once you get your preferred car, we recommend that you visit our these beaches in Hawke’s Bay: Waimarama, Haumoana and Ocean Beach.

#2 – Visit the Glowworm Caves in Waitomo

Waitomo is a village on the North Island of New Zealand and is famous for its underground caves. You can book a boat tour and investigate the spectacular system of interconnected cave networks.

What makes the caves in the area so special is the native glowworms. The New Zealand glowworms are called arachnocampa luminosa, and they produce light naturally. They look like stars inside the caves. They offer a dazzling sight that you should definitely experience if you have the chance.

#3 – Do extreme sports in Queenstown

Queenstown is known for the plethora of opportunities to test your limits and do extreme sports. There are a great number of tourists who give in to the thrill and actually try such adrenaline-sure experiences.

The available options are endless. You can go bungee jumping, tandem skydiving, paragliding, mountaineering, heli-biking and many other awesome adventure sports.

#4 – Sightseeing in Dunedin

People who love going to museums and other facilities infused with culture and history should visit Dunedin. Dunedin is a coastal city in the southeastern part of New Zealand’s South Island. It was founded by Scottish immigrants, and this is why elements of Scottish culture can be spotted there.

What are the main attractions that you shouldn’t miss in Dunedin? The Larnach Castle, the sole castle in the whole country, the Otago Museum, where you can learn all about the nature and the culture of New Zealand, the Toitū Otago Settlers Museum and the beautiful Dunedin Botanic Garden are major tourist attractions.

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