5 Interior Design Tips For A Cosy Living Room 

cosy living room trend 2022

There’s an art to interior design – it takes research, skill, and artistry to create a specific feel that works for you. Whilst those interiors you see in magazines and on Instagram are beautiful, they aren’t always the cosiest. Achieving just the right balance in your home requires planning.

If you’re looking to introduce a more cosy mood to your living space, you may look to fill up empty space by bringing in new furniture, adding some textural accessories, or repainting. But firstly, you need to be aware of how the changes and new pieces will work together.

Taking inspiration from furniture pieces like coffee tables from RJ Living and similar companies can help you work out which designs and pieces would fit well.

Follow these steps to make your living room the perfect place for lounging and relaxing.

cosy living room trend 2022

#1 – Brighten It Up With Natural Light  

Natural light can transform any space. Not only does it beautify your living space, it has all kinds of mood and health benefits, such helping people become more productive, promoting sleep, being softer on the eyes, and lifting your mood.

Increasing natural light in your living room can be tricky, especially if you don’t have a lot of windows! Thankfully there are a few things you can do to lift the feeling of light in any room:

  • Add mirrors
  • Install doors with windows
  • Angle your furniture to avoid casting shadows
  • Choose lighter colours overall
  • Avoid blinds, use white or sheer curtains instead
  • Opt for light trim for windows

#2 – Add Some Soft And Comfy Blankets  

Nothing says cosy like a snuggly blanket, which is exactly the reason why it’s the perfect piece to add to your living room. But we’re not talking the ratty old type that you hide under when you’re down with the flu. Thick knitted blankets are super popular in living rooms because of how beautifully crafted and artful they look.

To complete the set, add some complimentary throw pillows to make the space the perfect place to sit back and relax. A few comfortable pillows will transform this season’s ‘IT’ sofa into a haven for cozy relaxation.

#3 – Roll Out An Area Rug  

Another way to blend form and function to your living room is by adding a rug. Not only do rugs add colour, texture, and that artful look to a room, they add warmth to make it more comfortable.

No matter if you live in a warm or colder area, rugs are a necessary addition and they will transform your room instantly. From shag, to oriental, there are many different rugs to choose from to match your aesthetic.

Smaller rugs work best as accent pieces if you place them under tables or other pieces of furniture, which is perfect for smaller living rooms.

#4 – Add Decorative Pieces That You Love  

Making a cosy living room is also about turning it into a personal space. Adding things that you love or that remind you of good times will make it even homier. Blank wall spaces, whilst considered chic and minimal can make the living room bare and cold in real life.

Instead, display some carefully curated objects to add personality to your space. These items could be, wall art, sculptures, photos, plants, flowers, candles, books – and so on. You can buy console tables online if you’re looking for a more significant item to bring personality and texture into the room.

#5 – Add Warm Lighting  

As mentioned, lighting is a crucial aspect of any home. While natural light is ideal for daytime, you’ll still obviously need lighting fixtures at night. When you want everything to be bright, such as in a home office or kitchen area, then white lighting is perfect.

By contrast, mood lighting is ideal for cosy relaxation and during the evening, such as from lamps and secondary sources. For ultimate cosiness, lighting candles, especially those with your favourite scent is a great way to go.

In short

If you’re looking to create a cosy living room, it’s best to focus on natural and warm light and adding decorative pieces, as well as some warmth through blankets, cushions, and rugs. 

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