8 Stylish & Cozy Interior Design Ideas For Autumn

Many people love autumn as their favourite time of year. Understandably so! Not only is it time to rediscover layering and top up our wardrobe, but it’s cosy and crisp and encourages luxurious colour palettes around us.

If you find this season enormously comforting, you wouldn’t be alone. Science has discovered that autumn is considered a temporal landmark for many people. Autumn sees dewy and misty mornings, amazing displays in nature and changes in everything, from what we feel like eating to how we spend our leisure time.

But what about when it comes to interior design ideas to match the autumnal mood? If you want to welcome autumn into your home, we’ve compiled a few cozy ways you can do it.

Keep reading for 8 interior design ideas you can bring into your home this Autumn

Interior design ideas for Autumn

#1 – Tactile textures

Stave off the cold with stylish and luxe-feeling textures in every room of your home. Mix up fabrics and finishes for a decadent feel – think fleecy throws, soft fluffy cushions and rich velvet furniture.

For added luxury, faux fur, merino wool and chenille are what autumn is all about! Want to take it a step further? Consider adding plush cushions to your dining chairs for a touch of seasonal cosiness.

Interior design ideas for Autumn

#2 – Warm up your walls

Keep the chill at bay and add an extra layer to your interiors with richly adorned walls to warm the room. From textile wall hangings and ornate mirrors to beautiful autumn art, the options are virtually endless.

Interior design ideas for Autumn

#3 – Navigate to neutrals

Neutrals are having a big moment in interior design, and the appeal of them in home settings is enormous. Neutrals work for any time of the year but they are particularly perfect for autumn as they reflect the changing season.

Neutrals are also a the best backdrop for introducing vibrant autumnal colours into your interior design palette. The key is to find the right neutrals, such as soft greys and creams, to balance out any bold autumn hues.

Interior design ideas for Autumn

#4 – Pops of colour

Don’t let the cooling weather dim your vibe! Incorporate the idea of colour therapy into your home with pops of brilliant colour. Rich burgundy, brilliant red, burnt orange and golden yellow will add warmth to any space.

These hues are easy to incorporate in soft furnishings, art prints and feature walls. And while it’s perhaps not the most obvious choice, but a strong shade of blue (think ocean or cobalt) is the perfect complement to your autumn colour palette.

Interior design ideas for Autumn

#5 – Sweeten the senses

In addition to neutrals and pops of bright colours, consider adding caramel to your home’s colour palette. This warm colour – suggestive of chai lattes and delicious desserts oozes sweetness just by looking at it!

Caramel will spice up living rooms, bedrooms, kitchen and even bathrooms. Make it a temporary touch by introducing caramel linen, soft furnishings, ceramics and artwork.

autumn interior design ideas

#6 – Warmth with woodwork

Natural timbers and woodwork provide a warming sense around us that plastic, metal and other furniture simply can’t compete with. Add timber furniture, such as coffee tables and sideboards, or introduce wooden ornaments to create an autumn inspired nook in your favourite room.

Interior design ideas for Autumn

#7 – Add a vintage vibe

Autumn is the ideal time to create a vintage inspired haven. Adopting a more-is-more approach with layers of quirky findings will amplify the individuality and cosiness of your space.

The added bonus is that vintage stores tend to get a range of new items following the festive season. So autumn is the perfect time to go scouring for something pre-loved and beautiful for your autumn update.

#8 – Autumn Zen!

For the ultimate zen space, bright, summery flowers are out and spartan branches and twigs are in. Autumn is perfectly suited to update your floral style with sticks and twigs in your favourite decorative vase. Plus, it won’t be as hard to keep these alive!

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