5 Affordable & Memorable Wedding Gift Ideas

Whereas once upon a time, it was commonplace for wedding gifts to be things such as toasters and other home appliances, in 2021, trends in wedding gifting skew more to thoughtful and personalised presents that are unique to the newlyweds.

It goes without saying that the wedding day is one of the most important and memorable days for a couple. On this day, the pair will be celebrating their love and commitment to one another, surrounded by family and friends.

It’s also true that the wedding gifts received on this day will forever hold a lot of value – the couple will tend to cherish the things given to them for many years to come.

Along with the main wedding gift, it’s also a fun idea to send the couple a gift basket of treats they can enjoy on their wedding night, or on their honeymoon. Gift baskets in Adelaide have a range of perfect gift ideas for you to send to the newlyweds in your life. Equally, Madeline Blackstone from Oh Lovely Day Mag has a list of perfect gift ideas for wedding anniversaries for just about any year.

Keep reading for a round up of 4 of the best affordable and memorable wedding gift ideas in 2021


#1 – Welcome mat

While a doormat might seem a little strange as a wedding gift at first, this is a quirky and fun gift that any wedding couple is sure to appreciate. Whether you go for something classy and classic like a traditional mat that says “Welcome”, or get a customised mat with “Mr & Mrs”, help the newlyweds set the tone for their home with this practical and affordable gift option.

#2 – Statement utensils

A surprising and beautiful idea is to give a gift of statement dinner utensils. Whether it’s a display-worthy set of salad servers or a beautiful set of cutlery, eating and drinking has never looked better for the married couple with a gift like this. These type of gifts are both practical and nostalgic, and there’s no shortage of styles and options to choose from.

#3 – Wooden platter

These days, platters are a part of daily life, with everybody cramming all their favourite nibblies onto vast wooden planks to enjoy while entertaining. With that being the case, what could be better than giving a wooden platter as a wedding gift? Whether you buy one already made, or make one yourself, this is a wonderful keepsake wedding present that can continue to be enjoyed for decades to come. Extra points for having their names or initials or wedding date carved onto it. 

#4 – Special wine glasses

Wine is a universally loved beverage, and it’s made all the better by drinking it out of quality glassware. So why not appeal to your married couple’s tastebuds by gifting a gift of wine glasses suited to their favourite type of wine? Whether you opt for speciality white wine glasses, oversized red wine glasses or a stylish set of champagne flutes, this is a gift that is guaranteed to be enjoyed. 

In summary

As the wedding day is a huge celebration day for any couple, you’ll certainly want to find the perfect gift to your loved ones. But without a doubt, finding a unique and meaningful wedding gift can be a most challenging task. But, if you consider the couple’s lifestyle and preferences, and add a little creativity, you are sure to come up with a gift that will surprise and delight them for many years to come.

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