4 Ways to Keep Your Wedding Day Memories Fresh Forever

wedding photo wall
Few things meet the standard of “unforgettable” quite like the day you tie the knot. Those core emotions you feel at your wedding stay with you, and become a part of who you are. But the finer specifics? Well, that’s a different matter.

With so many things to remember, so much etiquette to follow, and so many people to speak to, our memories of the day can seem like a blur of friendly faces and snap decisions. Eventually, the passage of time will start to blur the details even further. Unless, that is, you take steps to help your grey cells keep those memories as fresh as possible!

Here are 4 things you can do to make sure your Big Day feels like yesterday – every day.

wedding photo wall

#1 – Hang a Photo Wall

You shouldn’t keep your wedding photos hidden away in an album at the bottom of a drawer. Why not choose your favourite shots and turn them into a photo wall? A wedding photo wall means that your most special moments will be a constant presence through the ups and downs of everyday life.

Canvas prints are a timeless and impressive physical alternative to regular types of photo prints. A well-regarded print provider like MyPicture.com.au can reproduce your favourite images on a real gallery-style canvas which is then stretched over a genuine spruce frame. You just need to upload the digital photo files and they do the rest – they can also deliver the finished product to your door all ready to hang. A perfect anniversary present idea.

#2 – Print Your Vows

These days many couples write their own vows. If you decide to go freestyle with your pledges of devotion, you’ll need to weigh every word carefully – so naturally, each word will mean that little bit more. Why not preserve the scribbled originals (with adorable corrections)? It’s a lovely idea to print out the final version too.

There are many services who will print little booklets with your vows. Given that you’ll probably want just two copies for yourself and your partner, you can push the boat out a little when it comes to quality. Why not print on fabric, or maybe wood? A really high-quality production will make a beautiful decoration as well as a memento of your union.

#3 – Keep a Journal

Even if you’re not usually one to keep a diary, you’ll definitely thank yourself if you write down elements of what you’ve done and how you felt at the end of each day in the run-up to the big day, as well as after the ceremony itself and on your honeymoon.

But lets face it, the weeks and days before the wedding make unyielding demands on your time. So if you happen to be able to carve out 15 minutes between finishing your tasks and crawling into bed, you’ll probably want to do nothing more reflective than watching a bit of TV, let alone sit down and write something down. But the preparations for the wedding are all part of the adventure you’re sharing – so keeping a journal is the perfect way to remember what you achieved together.

#4 – Take Five

And here’s one final (and free!) way to make sure you carry your wedding day emotions with you through your life: take a moment on the day itself to stop and make sure you savour those emotions first time around.

If you and your new spouse can magic up five minutes to slip away and take a breather together, you’ll feel way more grounded afterwards. Not only that, you’ll have shared a secret little moment within the madness of the day which will serve as a beautiful moment of clarity for years to come.

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