4 Ways Technology Has Transformed the Beauty Industry

technology beauty industry

In the modern era, the beauty industry is much more than lipsticks and makeup. It includes an ever-growing range of products and services to make us all look and feel better – women and men included. While the beauty industry for women has been booming for several years now, it’s the male beauty industry which has really started to make huge strides (it’s estimated to be worth more than $50 billion annually.)

One of the reasons behind that is just like other industries, technical developments have redefined the beauty industry as well. It’s the constant changing and improving of products and procedures that have made it easier than ever before to create the look you want for yourself. Let’s take a look at a few of the ways technological advances have transformed the beauty industry.

Advanced Sun Protection and Tanning

Back in the day, a trip to the beach would include a heady mix of SPF sunscreens, tanning creams, and going back even further, suntan oil. Unsurprisingly, it wasn’t easy to end up with the perfect tan – you could end up burnt in some areas and pale in others.

But now, sunscreens have been developed to help us enjoy the sun better than ever. Natural sunscreens, waterproof suncreens, zinc-free and oil-free are all available. As the industry learns how to add more and more natural ingredients in their products, these days, sunscreen and tanning are becoming much safer and effective.

technology beauty industry

Cosmetic Surgeries

Modern cosmetic surgeries have made things possible that weren’t even thinkable a decade ago, and this is great news for anyone who has always dreamed of making changes to their appearance to alter a physical aspect they’re not happy with. Whether it is a common complaint like breast unevenness, which can nowadays be corrected by choosing the right tuberous breast correction Sydney clinic, reshaping a prominent nose, or sculpting the waist with fat reduction, the solutions are available for women and men alike.

Digital Technologies

Digital technologies are now a part of everyday life, and they are beginning to have quite an impact on the beauty industry as well. Savvy brands are using the power of apps like Instagram and Snapchat to target their audience and reach them in new ways. The beauty skincare giant Loreal has introduced a filter on Snapchat, which helps its users to virtually try on makeup. The filter allows customers to check different shades of lipsticks, foundations and mascara, which makes it fun and easy to decide what to buy.

Next level Eyelashes

While many of us grew up battling awkward eyelash curlers each time we wanted our eyes to pop, those days are over. Now, with a little expense and persistence, you can grow those extra eyelashes yourself. There are several medicines like Latisse available that can help you grow the eyelashes you have always wanted – naturally. And that sounds pretty good to us!

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