The 10 Most Exciting Places To See In 2018


Travel lust is a term that’s now firmly inked into the minds of most, and most of use are hopelessly infected. While we’re sure there’s no shortage of sights and sounds you’re likely dying to see, there’s also something a little bit special about cities that are off the usual lists.

To whet your appetite even further, we’ve compiled a list of where to travel in 2018.

where to travel in 2018


#1 – Budapest Hungary

Raved about as one of the most liveable cities in central Europe – and regularly listed as one of the most beautiful cities in the world, is Budapest. Don’t miss this city rich with history, thermal baths and ruin bars.

With plenty to explore between the Buda and Pest sides, Budapest should definitely be a ‘must see’ if you’re one of the lucky ones to travel to Europe in 2018. 

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