Sydney’s Top 5 Bellissimo-Worthy Pizza Joints


There ain’t no party like a pizza party. The carb-heavy classic is the number one culprit for that mid-week blow out; a cheat day instigator. Sydney is super spoilt when it comes to pizzerias, but let’s talk all things traditional.

Wood-fired pizzas, limoncello shots and red and white checked tablecloths; restaurants with staff more Italian than the cast of the Dolmio ads. Like you, we are always on the hunt for our next tasty slice. But don’t risk receiving a cold soggy mess when you order via apps such as Deliveroo, we recommend going out and experiencing these venues first hand!

Here are are our top 5 pizza joints that’ll transport you straight to the streets of Italy for next to no cost.


Credit: @napolinelcuoresydney/

#1 – Napoli Nel Cuore, Darlinghurst

With an unassuming street presence, Napoli Nel Cuore is a little bit of a hidden pizza gem. Inviting, warm and unpretentious; this place is a reminder that simplicity is the key to brilliance.

Pizza chef Fabio Savarese, comes from prestigious pizza making pedigree; his family has been serving pizza in Naples for four generations. You can taste that rich history in the food he serves; it’s honest cooking.

The dough is crispy and chewy, just as it should be – and so damn moreish you can actually order it as a dish: garlic or herb pizza crust.  Oh dough, we’ll take 6 serves please!

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