What’s Next On Netflix This Lockdown?

what to watch on netflix
Lockdown due to COVID-19 might have only just begun, but with the majority of governments predicting that such measures could be necessary for three months or more, we’re likely in this thing for the long haul. While you’re enjoying the chance to finally catch up on household chores right now, it won’t be long before you’re crying out for new things to do.

When you’re trapped inside, don’t be surprised if binge-watching Netflix starts to seem like a tempting option to see you through. After all, after you’ve taken up crafting, learning to bake, and read all those books laying around, television can give you a glimpse into the world as we knew it.

If you’re ready to experience those shows everyone’s been telling you about, but your mind goes blank the second you sit down to get started, help is here.

Get that universal remote in hand, and prepare yourself to get stuck into a new favourite series, just follow these tips to learn what’s out there first. 

How to find your next best binge-worthy series on Netflix.

what to watch on netflix 2

#1 – Ask on social media

Where else do we turn for answers to life’s most gripping questions? Social media. Social media has already become a comforting isolation hub, so there’s no better place to reach out to ask your mates what they’re watching. After all, they’re probably all doing exactly the same thing as you. Even better, as well as decent recommendations from people who know your tastes, you’re sure to get some much-needed conversation out of your efforts.

#2 – Check out your recommendations

Netflix recommendations can be pretty unreliable. I mean, any algorithm that finds a link between Cheers and Stranger Things has got to be a little out-there, right? But, that’s not to say Netflix doesn’t get it right sometimes, and the chances are that you’ve found at least one of your favourite shows this way. Even if you have to scroll through a load of unsuitable options, resorting to this good old method could, therefore, see you uncovering some gems you’d never hear about otherwise.

#3 – Try the ten-minute rule

So, you’ve got your list of shows to hand. Now, it’s time to work out which ones are worth watching. The trouble is that, if you’ve got ten shows to consider, watching the first episode of each is going to waste time. With that in mind, try out a ten-minute trial for each. In other words, if you’re not gripped after the opening scene, you should probably move onto the next. You can always come back to shows that failed the test when you’re two months into this madness and desperate for anything to take your mind off things!

There’s no denying that you’ll want to get stuck into a load of activities that aren’t watching TV during this isolation period, but the situation is overwhelming right now. Make sure to give yourself permission to snuggle on the sofa and watch shows that seem worlds away from everything that’s going on. You might just find these little glimpses of normality help you to cope with the next influx of bad news in the real world!

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