We Love: Lancome’s UV Expert BB Complete SPF30

Attention beauty lovers! Lancome’s UV Expert BB Complete SPF30 has hit stores and is hands down our favourite BB cream to date.

This BB cream is actually all about CCP…cover, correct and perfect.

The pigments of the product are carefully selected to match skin tone to even out lines, dullness and uneven skintone whilst hydrating the skin, leaving it dewy, fresh and totally radiant.

With a light texture, its not like wearing a full coverage foundation which can often feel like you are caking it on. Instead this feels more like a day cream,only with the added bonus of creating even, bright skin.

No BB Cream is complete with out correcting the skin, and Lancome’s comes with an active pore-refining complex, working to reduce the appearance of imperfections, brighten the skin and improve its quality over time. With extended use, you can really see the difference- life without clogging your pores with foundation every day means your skin is smoother, and actually healthier from the active ingredients in the BB Cream that are working while you are wearing it throughout the day.

Possibly the most important aspect of Expert BB Complete is its SPF30. The IV shield actively protects your complexion against UV rays…we all know how important this is in the harsh Australian sun. Both my father and grandfather have both experienced skin cancer so this is a big plus for me!

Don’t just take my word for it though! Check out some of our amazing readers testimonials after trialing the product for themselves!

You can pick yourselves up this delicious product at Myer and David Jones counters and selected pharmacies nationally. The 30ml is $52.00 at the 50ml is $70.00.


Having recently had a skin cancer removed from my face I’m a little bit paranoid about SPF protection so the idea of a BB cream with SPF30+ got me quite excited.

The cream goes on very smoothly and isn’t too shiny, it certainly does seem to help fade little blemishes (but I still use a concealer on dark blemishes & scars) and I really like the dewy look it gives to my skin. On top of my usual BB cream I put a mineral foundation and that works very well with this product.  The shade I had to trial seems a little too pale for me so I will be interested to see what options there are in the full range.  It’s difficult to talk about its value for money when I don’t know what the cost will be: as it’s Lancôme I would expect it to be quite high end but in view of the SPF and UV protection I would certainly consider it.


This is definitely one of my favourite products to date, and have been dying to pick up more of this! The colour works well with my skin tone and is perfect for when I am heading to the class I am teaching for nice skin without looking too dressy. I used a mineral powder on top of this for a finish. It feels great on my mature skin for a full day andI have quickly become addicted.

I would definitely buy this again.


I am absolutely loving the Lancome BB Cream on the first hot days of the new Spring/Summer season.

The look of the pack is very simple in white with the Lancome lettering and distinct silver rose. It has an easy to use screw top lid that you can use to stand the tube up steadily on your dresser.

I used the Lancome BB cream for warm skin tones 01BB so far its a beige colour and spreads on pretty easily on the face. It is not at all oily and leaves my skin with a matte finish which I love, especially during summer when the skin tends to look to oily and shiny. It has the best coverage of any BB cream I have used so far, and even lightened my dark circles. It does tend to make my skin look a bit ashy however so I add a light foundation over it to combat that. The foundation stays on perfectly over the BB cream and does not slide off.

The fragrance is an absolute delight smells like roses to me. Love that it has an SPF50 rating as I tend to freckle badly over summer and feel I don’t have to use sunscreen too.
Did not break out at all!! Which I really loved as many of the BB creams I have tried do tend to make  by acne flare up.

Overall very happy with the product and glad that I got a chance o trial it and will purchase it for sure when I run out.


I’ve been using this BB Cream for about 4 weeks now and I’ve noticed more smoother, even skin.

I’ve replaced my regular primer, concealer, foundation and SPF moisturiser for this BB Cream, so it is a very convenient product.

The SPF50+ protection is excellent and is the highest I’ve seen in any BB cream I’ve used previously. The cream is very lightweight and easy to apply without caking.
My blemishes are visibly faded and really looks like I’ve worn foundation.

This is great all-rounder cream which protects, primes and conceals! Very happy to trial this. Thank you Lancome and BWA!


I was really excited to try this product as I’ve rarely used anything from these ‘high end’ beauty brands.  I tried out both the shades but found one was a bit grey on me, but I loved the other one.  I have used this alone on top of moisturizer and under makeup.  I found it gave me skin a really clear complexion that glowed.  I found this product was enough to use alone without foundation on the top, but I wore foundation on top a few times for special occasions.

I liked how it contained SPF also.  I did find when I first used it that the scent bothered me a little as it is florally, but luckily is not noticeable after it is applied and I don’t even really notice it when applying anymore.  I found the tube was excellent as it was really easy to dispense a very small amount (that’s all you need) so there is no wastage, and the tube is a great size with no excess packaging.  I also liked the consistency of the cream and it was easy to evenly apply.  Overall I loved this product, however for the price I am not sure I would be able to afford or justify purchasing this for myself especially being a uni student


I have completely depleted my tube of this! It honestly feels amazing on my skin and I wear it when I don’t have work or going out. This is perfect for casual days out or even to the gym! I wouldn’t wear it out at night as I like full coverage especially at work. But my skin does feel smoother and finer and healthier even now when I use my usual foundation. Love it!


I haven’t found a better BB cream than this, and I have tried some amazing brands from overseas. This goes on very smoothly and because my skin is pretty good I wear this to work instead of my usual foundation and it looks just as good. I usually use a pressed powder over the top but it still makes my skin look very dewy and lovely, and it really looks great in photos as well. Since my mother has had skin cancer concerns I like the SPF factor, it makes it easy to be sun smart without having to use my usual sunscreen which can be a little oily.


  • Reply Curious Sunday 11th August, 2013 at 8:44 pm

    The article/testimonials refer to it variously as SPF30, SPF50 and SPF50+, so what is the actual SPF rating?

  • Reply dj23249 Monday 15th July, 2013 at 7:29 am

    Sounds fantastic

  • Reply BellaB Saturday 13th July, 2013 at 5:34 pm

    Sounds very tempting.

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