Style Challenge: Creating Your Ultimate Wardrobe Wishlist


If you had the freedom to purchase any 8-10 items of clothing or accessories you wanted, what would you buy?

Would it be a new summer wardrobe? An amazing designer gown? Or would it be a selection of classic staples such as a coat, beautiful boots, and a cashmere knit?  If this sounds like the easiest question in the world to answer, think again!

I challenged myself to a little style game recently, (read more about this here and here) and I can report that the results were quite eye-opening.

The quest was to create my “Ultimate Fantasy Wardrobe Wishlist” of no more than 8 items at ANY price, to see if it could tell me anything about my personal style and highlight where I need to fill in the blanks.

So, I hit up one of the most amazing shopping sites I could find (I chose Farfetch‘) and went “shopping.”

For the uninitiated, Farfetch is a super-premium online shopping destination that features stock from 300 independent boutiques from all around the world. You’ll find everything from hot-off-the-runway Balmain, Givenchy and Saint Laurent to the rarest vintage handbags. Even the relaxed Aussie brand, Bassike is represented.

In undertaking my little challenge, I made some interesting and unexpected discoveries…

I found out that when you are forced to whittle down a whole world of possibilities into only a small handful, and you’re no longer restrained by budget, you need to start to think (shock!) This is difficult because it’s virtually the opposite of how we shop today when we’re hunting for bargains and trying to get as much as we can for as little as possible.

I also discovered that, not only must you become extremely selective about what you are shopping for, but a whole new level of selection criteria comes into play.  For example, rather than buying based on budget or what’s office-appropriate, you’re choosing based on what really appeals to you, what you love.

You’ll also start to consider not only how you’ll look in said garments but how you will feel wearing them- and that’s a big one! For example, will you feel confident and beautiful? Carefree or romantic? Girly or The Femme Fatale?

My Ultimate Fantasy Wardrobe Wishlist:

FarFetch Wishlist Breakfast With Audrey

As shown: Leather, Brass and Pyrite Clutch: KELLY WEARSTLER, Leather Jacket: BALMAIN, Earrings: IOSSELLAN IANI, Bodysuit: FLEUR DU MAL, Leather skirt: BALMAIN, Quilted Boots: GIANNI RENZI, Leather Rock-Stud Gloves: VALENTINO. All found on Farfetch.

By creating my own ultimate wardrobe wishlist (as above) I was able to hone in on a few important realizations about my own style:

  1. I’m not much of a summery person, that’s for sure!
  2. I do love my black
  3. I gravitate towards strong lines and interesting details
  4. I like to have statement items I can work whole outfits around easily
  5. I’m big on textures – leather, lace, metallics and stone.
  6. I’m not shy when it comes to dressing
  7. I’m on the edgy side of timelessness.

I’m pleased with my final result as it re-confirms the direction my wardrobe has recently been going in. I’ll refine it over time and fill in any blanks.

Our personal style is more than just what we put on day-to-day, it’s also a reflection of who and what we see ourselves as being. There’s nothing more frustrating than experiencing a disconnect between who we feel we are and what we go out into the world looking like!

With a few clicks and a little bit of experimentation we can all discover the foundation to our personal style, and best of all – start authentically living it.

I encourage you to hop onto ‘Farfetch’ and start playing around with the plethora of utterly amazing items currently on offer. Create your own wishlist. It’s super-fun and you’ll be enlightened at the end of it, I promise!

So tell us, how would you describe your personal style? Are you happy with what you are wearing or is there room for a shake-up? Let us know in the comments below.


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  • Reply David from Findoo Tuesday 24th November, 2015 at 10:00 pm

    There is always room for a shake-up 🙂 If I would do the same, it would be a mix of essentials, such as couple of pair of new jeans, white / black shirts, and jackets for work. I find having basic essentials helps create a lot of different styles, plus they never go out of style.

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