Transition Into Summer With Photochromic Lenses

transition lenses
Spring has sprung, and it’s finally time to peel off those coats and layers – yay! There’s a slew of new pieces and accessories to help us transition into the new season (not that we needed any excuses!)

With summer arriving, many things spring to mind, from Aperol spritz afternoons to lazy days at the beach. But also, with the warmer temperatures, it’s time to update a few key accessories in our wardrobes including shoes, bags, and glasses.

This season, you can start by adding a few key pieces such as flowery slip skirts, cute crops or statement sandals. Accessories are key to completing the perfect summery look in 2019, from belt bags, layered necklaces to glasses.

If you’re looking for an excuse to update the frames of your glasses this season, then this September is the perfect time thanks to VisionDirect’s September offer in photochromic a.k.a transition lenses.

Why Photochromic Lenses?

In early summer, it’s typical to see a wider range of temperatures, the day can start cloudy and cool and change to bright and sunny later. It’s easy to get caught out and not have the right protection when you need it.

Unfortunately, eye damage occurs when you’re out and about in summer without adequate glare protection. The solution? Photochromic lenses in your new pair of glasses.

Photochromic lenses are glasses lenses that react to different levels of UV light, meaning that in the office or home environment, they will remain clear. However, when they are exposed to bright light on a sunny day, molecules in the lens react and become darker, offering protection from the sun’s radiation. As light levels decrease, the molecules go back to their original state and become transparent once again. Genius.

Lucky for us, VisionDirect is offering a great offer for transition lenses. Simply use the code: TRANSITION50C in VisionDirect Designer Eyeglasses category and receive 50% off your new transition lenses purchase. Get ready to enjoy a glare-free spritz by the pool – thank us later!

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