The Top 7 Denim Clothing Items Every Wardrobe Needs


Denim is a universally-loved wardrobe staple and the anchor of most people’s outfits – with good reason. Weaving its way into all facets of our lives, long gone are the days where denim was a night-out no-go, or a smart casual calamity.

Denim is not only versatile though; it’s super-easy to style, it’s comfortable, it’s long-wearing and it’s always in style. Denim is also perfect no matter what size or shape you are – whether you’re petite or plus size or, top or bottom heavy, there’s no denying it – denim works!

Whilst there are always countless “denim must-haves” to tempt us each season, like most wardrobe staples there are only a handful of pieces we really need to keep handy. Whether that’s a pair of straight-legged classic jeans or a perennially-useful chambray denim shirt, consider these pieces essential for building your ultimate high-functioning wardrobe.

the denim pieces every wardrobe needs

Click through the gallery for inspiration and our top shopping picks for each of the 7 denim pieces you need.


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