48 Hours In Canberra: Where To Eat & Play


Everyone loves a girls weekend away – indulgence in vino,  pastas and cheese paired with endless stories, chatter and a bit of gossip are a must!

Wineries are great but most tend to be isolated, and coastal cities are so much fun but can sometimes blur into one.

If you’re the kind of girl group who loves a Friday night out in the vibrant metropolitan foodie jungle of Sydney, but are also crying out for a dash of lush, serene country calm, we’ve got a poorly kept secret for you.

Canberra is no longer just a destination for primary school trips, when our hair was in pig tails and we still believed that if a boys is mean to you they like you. Oh, how times have changed! And thankfully so has the snug little town of Canberra.

This little capital now boasts a handsome selection of restaurants, bars and boutique accommodations nestled amongst the cozy calm surroundings. So sit back and let us serve you some delicious inspiration for your next little rendezvous away, whether it be with your beau or your girl army.

P.S Sydneysiders, you lucky thing! A short 3-hour drive and you’re here.

what to do in canberra

Where to stay:

Time to check out of your Monday to Friday monotony and into your weekend of R&R! We recommend checking into a boutique hotel if looking for something a little more lavish, or an Airbnb to truly become absorbed into the capital.  

We love Hotel Hotel (pictured above) which is situated in a corner close to the buzz of the CBD. It’s got modern decorations with a moody but chilled vibe that will get you in the mood to spoilt yourself. 

If a more homely vibe is your thing, we recommend renting an Airbnb apartment at Kingston Foreshore. This precinct is situated right on Lake Burley Griffin with a whole host of award winning avocado toast-loaded cafes and restaurants at your feet. When you’re waking up to the absolute serenity of the still blue lake on a Saturday morning, you’ll feel right at home.

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