The Ultimate Guide To Creating A Sophisticated Home

blanche rose
Your home environment has a profound effect on your total wellbeing, and small changes can have a huge impact on the way you feel. 

Styling your living space brings an opportunity for a fresh start along with incredible joy and satisfaction.  It’s about sorting through what your home contains, displays, presents, and what no longer serves you, while bringing in a few beautiful pieces to create a wonderful home that celebrates your personal style and lifestyle.

We tapped Jacqueline Nelson from BLANCHE ROSE who explains the steps to achieving a sophisticated home that is truly your own.

With over 15 years as an accomplished stylist and creative director, her name may sound familiar as she played a significant role in the development of her iconic family brand HouseHold Linens.  With a love of sophisticated, classic and timeless interiors, Jacqueline offers a refined approach to styling a beautiful home.

Guiding us through her understanding and appreciation of creating a beautifully styled home whether for a home refresh or a special event, Jacqueline gives us her sense of the finishing touches that will assist you in creating a sophisticated home that you will love and enjoy.

Keep reading to learn how to add style and sophistication to your home across 10 defining elements.


#1 – Entrance  

Exceptional entrances evoke impressive first impressions.  whether you showcase a large tapestry on the wall, display a gallery of your art collection, feature a grand sculpture as a centrepiece, or a large rug on the floor, these elements will add intimacy to a large space. Similarly, an ornate mirror, opulent credenza or a feature light will reveal the character and atmosphere of your home.   

Styling Tip: You might like to cluster objects in only one colour – with varying height and texture arranged in a balanced way, for an interesting and eye-catching appeal.

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