The Best Primers for your Face, Eyes and Lips

If somebody asked you to name your absolute beauty essential, what would your answer be? Concealer? Mascara? A quick slick of lipgloss before you head out the door?

There’s no doubt that one of these items would be the average respone from daily makeup appliers (I myself couldn’t face the day without my brow kit), but it may be time to backtrack and reassess.

Before any other product goes on, the one item you should be making friends with is your primer. A primer is just about the most important element of your routine – for face, eyes, lips and anywhere else you care to apply your makeup – if you want to ensure longevity of wear and keep your look fresh all day and night. In short, no matter how much you rely on that mascara or concealer, only primer will keep the two of you together. Think of it as a makeup mediator. Here are a few of the best:

For Your Face: La Base Pro Perfecting Make Up Primer by Lancome

After much trial (and some error) in the category of face primers, this one is an absolute clear winner for me. Lancome has got this right on so many levels, from the fact that one pump from the bottle is the exact amount one needs to apply, to the borderline-ridiculous amount of use one bottle gives you – after using my 25mL one every day, it finally ran out after seven months! The formula is super concentrated and feels beautifully silky, creating the ideal base to get your foundation looking perfect. This may not be the ideal base for those with the tendency for oily skin, but is still widely recommended for most skin types. Shop it online here.


For Your Eyes: M.A.C Paint Pot

They are listed as an eyeshadow on the website, but in my experience (and under the advision of the assistant at the M.A.C counter), the paint pots are hands down the best eye primer currently offered on the market. Available in nine neutral skin shades, this one is also great value for money and you only need the tiniest amount to get the result you want. Blend the paint pot formula onto your eyelids with a bristled eyeshadow brush, apply your eyeshadow or eyeliner and it is guaranteed not to budge until you want it to. Unbelievably concentrated and matte, they also offer concealment of veiny eyelids and dark under eye circles, visibly brightening your eyes and leaving you looking alert and ready to face the day. Ultimate bonus! Try one out and shop it here

For Your Lips: Benefit Lip Plump

So many of Benefit’s products are absolutely loveable, and the lip plump is no different. Acting as a double agent, it both primes and plumps your lips, leaving them more lipstick/lipgloss/lipstain ready than ever. On top of this, it promises to smooth your lips and fill in unsightly lines with its jojoba oil formula and comes in a handy nude hue that means overlying colours are left looking better than ever. Win-win-win. Grab it here.

Happy priming!



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    Great tips, I so want to try the Lancome primer.

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    Have started wearing the several primers I have stored away for way too long. I’m finding them quite good – they do seem to make make-up last longer and that’s a good thing!

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    Thanks for the tips!!

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    Hello “M.A.C Paint Pot” Goodbye dark under eye circles… Bought + tried = Flawless 🙂 Thank-You!!!

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    I really want to try the Lancome primer, sounds so great

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    Never tried these before! Great advice.

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    I really need an eye primer as I have terrible trouble with creasing eyeshadow. I might have to try the MAC Paint Pots.

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    these look amazing, i must get my hands on them!

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    great read, thanks! that Benefit lip primer sounds like it would come in very handy indeed. The lancome facial primer is excellent, I’m sure, but I’ll stick to my $12.95 face of australia primer.

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    i would love a good eye primer

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    La Base primer is amazing, definitely a must-have!

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    I also love Smashbox primer.. has that same silky texture and really holds out through the day.. or night

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