We Chat To The Creator Of The Most Drool-Worthy Food on Instagram


Taline Gabrielian is a digital influencer, healthy recipe developer, cookbook author and health advocate. She’s also known as the lady responsible for creating what could arguably be the prettiest and most drool-worthy food you’ve ever seen.

Known for her creative healthy recipes and her signature food styling that have attracted over 482,000 Instagram devotees, Taline is the brains behind the successful plant-based app Hippie Lane. The No. 1 best-selling app now offers inspiration and recipes to an extensive global health community. 

With a flair for making healthy food look flawless, Taline’s food philosophy is to promote a balanced approach and encourage a healthy, positive and achievable attitude towards natural whole foods which is displayed, ever-so-tantalisingly, in her all-new cookbook, ‘Hippie Lane’.

We chatted to Taline about her philosophy, picking up a few great lifestyle tips along the way… 

Taline Gabrielian hippy lane interview 2

Do you follow any diet? Tell us about your lifestyle.

I don’t promote any particular diets or deprivation / restriction. Hippie Lane is about an abundance of healthy natural wholefoods, where you choose to make healthy a priority, which will then lead to a balanced well-rounded lifestyle.

There is a strong focus on beauty, food presentation and sharing delicious nourishing meals with family and friends. My recipes are favourites in my home and with my extended family and friends, with many inspired by my heritage, current health trends and childhood favourites.

Tell us a bit about your business, how it started and evolved?

I was faced with my own path to healing approx. 7 years where I learnt that I was sensitive to some common everyday ingredients – gluten, egg, dairy, refined sugar, and soy. I got experimenting with alternative natural ingredients and fell in love with the creative process and the delicious results.

I launched Hippie Lane initially as a wholesale business, supplying my treats to cafes around town. It was received very warmly and the business grew organically from there. I had grown a strong following in the health community and the demand for my recipes spurred on the development of the Hippie Lane recipe app in 2015. Two years on I’m now launching Hippie Lane, The cookbook.

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