How Stylish Timepieces Can Transform Any Room

These days we can see the time on so many of our portable devices – mobile phone, tablet, smart watch… the list is endless. But a well placed timepiece in your home or office is not only convenient (no digging around in your bag or pocket to check the time!) it doubles as artwork. 

There are some super modern and stylish wall clocks available online that will not only keep you on time, they’ll help elevate the look of any room.  Created in every colour and style you can imagine, adorning your blank wall with a wall clock is a fun and transformative addition to your decor. From chic and small bedside clocks, to stunning oversize ones which pack a punch in any room, you can choose a clock for a number of practical and aesthetic uses.

We found a huge range at Purely Wall Clocks which included every imaginable style and type you could think of.  Whether you prefer a contemporary clock with minimal styling, or you prefer a classic wall clock made out of natural materials with traditional numbering, there are so many to choose from you’ll be inclined to hang them everywhere!

We’re loving the ‘Marco’ Concrete wall clock ($99) which will bring an expensive, industrial look to any room. Featuring fine concrete and light gold accents, this is the perfect option for stylish interiors. 

The Florin Wall Clock ($79) is also on our shortlist: featuring a wired geometric design in white (notice how the wired ‘points’ create the hour-markers – clever!), and chic matte gold hands we can see this clock working in any home office, bedroom or living area.

The range at Purely Wall Clocks also includes an affordable collection just for kids. Catering to all tastes of little ones, you can shop from perennially popular pastel pinks and blues, through to bright yellow and reds, blues and greens. And cleverly, there are many silent clocks available in the kids range as well. 

Workspaces and offices are not left out – there are dozens of wall and desk clocks suitable for professional and creative environments. And if you’re looking for a gift for your boss or colleague, remember that an interesting and attractive timepiece makes the perfect gift which will always outlast that bottle of wine or a box of chocolates! 

Whatever the use, a beautiful timepiece is a useful and stylish item to have on your wall, mantel, desk or side table. Combine practicality with your personality, and select a wall clock to enhance your interior decor without breaking the budget.

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