The Chic Way To Stay Cool In The Heat

how to stay cool in the heat

It’s pretty hard to find fault with the onset of warmer weather, we’re ALL for longer days, relaxing at the beach, Sunday sessions and silly season soirees!

Unfortunately, hot weather also means sweltering, sweating and all those ‘personal perspirational particulars’ that come with the climbing temperatures.

While there’s little that can be done about a brutal barometer, there are a few tips and tricks to staying haute (rather than hot)… even on the most humid of days.

The biggest factor to staying cool in the heat definitely comes down to your choice of fabric. Synthetics are your foe on hot days, as they are unable to ‘breathe’, causing moisture and heat to be trapped around the body which no-one wants!

Instead we recommend switching to natural fabrics which breathe well and move with the body. Not only will these fabrics keep you cool, they also look much more luxe.  

Keep reading for the best fabrics to wear this Summer.

#1 – Swathe yourself in silk 

Silk would have to be THE luxury fabric of the ages, held in high esteem for centuries by the well-dressed and fashionistas alike. There’s nothing quite like the feel of pure silk against your body – and it’s très sexy as well. 

While silk is not necessarily quite as absorbent as cotton or linen, it’s undeniably more sophisticated and it’s perfect for nighttime attire.

As one of the lightest materials available, silk tends to adjust automatically to your body temperature, making it the ultimate fabric for trans-seasonal wear.

It is also up there as one of the safest choices for those who are particularly prone to skin issues. Beyond this, it has its own inimitable allure that transcends time or any transient trend. It’s synonymous with status, with mulberry silk generally being the highest quality silk on the market.

As Shown:

90s Silk Slip Dress by Silk Laundry

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