Simple Tips To Make A Weekend Away More Enjoyable

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Weekends away are the perfect thing to do if you need to reset and relax. But sometimes, if you fail to prepare, the time away can leave you feeling like you need another few days to recover!

Whether you’re headed out for a day-trip or weekend getaway, this article has some tips that will make your trip more enjoyable – guaranteed.

#1 – Make a Plan

Whilst being spontaneous is nice in theory, you will make the most out of your weekend away by preparing a few things in advance. As a minimum, you should plan your route, figure out what activities you want to do and have at least an idea about where you can stay.

If you’re road tripping and plan to camp, then you may want to consider some additional comfort. A hybrid camper is just that. These units are designed to provide many of the creature comforts of home, and come in handy if you want to keep a greater sense of exploration.

#2 – Borrow and Share Gadgets

Whether driving, or flying, it’s a good idea to share as many items and gadgets as you can to reduce the amount of items you need to take. Whether you share digital devices, a portable speaker, sunscreens, cameras or games, the last thing you need on a weekend away is to be burdened with too much stuff.

Co-ordinate who will bring what, and then share for the rest of the trip. This is especially valid if travelling with children!

#3 – Keep Bags Light

If you’re wondering how to make your travelling experience more enjoyable, then there are many things which can help or hinder your journey.

As mentioned above, one of the most important things is keeping your bag (and car) light. Whilst it’s easy to throw everything but the kitchen sink in the back of the car, it’s best to pull back, re-assess, and take only what you really need.

#4 – Layer Up

If you’re going somewhere cooler on your weekend away, then pack clothes that can be layered so you do not need to bring big bulky items such as overcoats. You’ll not only be more comfortable, you’ll cut down on extra baggage.

#5 – Stay Safe

Accidents can happen at any time and with any trip, so it’s important to take safety precautions. If you’re driving, make sure you pack enough emergency supplies and basic maintenance equipment for the vehicle. This is something you don’t need to drastically cut back on!

An emergency kit should include a change of clothes, a first aid kit, water, food and emergency phone numbers. You should also include things like sunscreen, medication and essential items for children such as nappies. It’s also wise to include a tyre repair kit, engine coolant, and your car’s instruction manual.

Or, if you’re planning a remote hiking trip for example, it’s not the right time to scrimp on the correct equipment. Make sure you have sturdy shoes that are comfortable and have good traction. Also make sure you have a map, compass and signalling devices as well as extra batteries for your phone/camera.

#6 – Maximise your time away

There will always be unexpected things that happen on a road trip – good and bad. However one way to make sure you maximise your time away is to book activities and events in advance. This helps reduce lost time and stress over planning when you’re already on the journey.

Once you have the basics of your trip in place, you’re then free to explore and enjoy – leaving the opportunity for unexpected things to fill in the gaps.

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