Treat Yourself: 10 Of The Best Back-To-Work Bags For You

the best work bags


New year, new you, new goals… new bag.

There is nothing quite like kicking off a new year with a shiny new bag, whether that’s the requisite Disney backpack for the little ‘uns or a big shiny boss bag for the grown ups. Like day turns into night, getting a new bag in the new year just seems right.

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Practical (and not to mention psychologically helpful), the new work bag works to get us out of bed where the dreaded alarm clock does not! And even the most highly-motivated goal-kicker amongst us benefits by getting a great new bag: the better the bag the closer to #boss, or something.

Sure, it’s easy to rush out in the post Christmas sales and spend all of your “Christmas money” at once, though as per all infrequent purchases it pays to choose wisely: this baby’s going be hanging off your arm for a whole year (and many more, if you buy well.)

Really, your new bag oughtn’t be a one year wonder. After your reliable companion sees you through the year’s ups and downs, come December just pop it into a temporary retirement and cycle it out again in years to come.

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Tips To Buying A New Work Bag:

#1 Look for a sufficiently roomy bag (consider how much we carry these days: phone/s, iPad, drinks, food, cosmetics, and perhaps even a change of shoes, and then some.)

#2 But – don’t get a suitcase either! (Avoid buying something SO big that all you end up doing is filling it up.)

#3 Neutral colours and classic shapes will always work best with professional or semi-professional outfits. No one wants to have to swap bags all throughout the week to match the day’s outfit. #hassle.

#4 Avoid too many un-necessary straps, flaps and fashion-crazy decorative hardware. Not only could this look un-professional in some work environments, adornments add a lot of unwanted weight.

So if you’d like to usher in 2016 with a versatile new bag by your side, get inspired with a browse of my favourites as follows:

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Marc by Marc Jacobs work bag in grey

MARC BY MARC JACOBS ‘New Q Hillier’ Hobo AUD 620.52


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