Summer Must-Have: The Poolside Bean Bag!

pool bean bags

The hot Aussie summer will be here before we know it. And for those of us lucky enough to have a pool, it’s the perfect place to isolate if COVID-19 remains amongst us.

But let’s face it, we don’t need a global pandemic to draw us poolside when the temperature starts rising. Pools at home are akin to a magnet for most of us. They’re the perfect spot for hanging with friends and family, or relaxing with a good book until sundown. This is where a pool bean bag is ideal.

While it’s true that any beanbag can be used as a comfy seat outdoors, some bean bags have design features making them even more perfect for the pool. And, based on Australia’s rules on pool safety, bean bags are not recommended to be used as a flotation device. While ordinary bean bags CAN stay afloat, it’s unsafe and therefore not recommended. A good specifically-designed poolside bean bag is made of waterproof materials so they can quickly dry when splashed or sat on with a wet bottom.

Here we explain why pool bean bags are a must-have this summer, with the info you need to select the right one. 

pool bean bags

#1 – Durable materials

Pool bean bags should be constructed from durable materials, with the fabric being Marine Grade Vinyl. Thanks to its UV protective barrier, this type of fabric is strong and can cope with prolonged exposure to the sun. Marine Grade Vinyl also has anti-fungal and anti-bacterial components, which is beneficial in a high moisture environment like the pool.

Secondly, look for poolside bean bags with quality zippers. These should be extremely sturdy, yet easy to open and close when you need to stuff the bean bag with additional filling.

#2 – Versatility

Poolside bean bags come in many different designs and styles. The common designs include single sofa/daybed, round-shaped lounger, square Ottoman and recliner style, though plenty cute and fun novelty styles exist as well. The design and material composition of poolside bean bags should function well in indoor and outdoor use. As mentioned earlier, the fabric should be water-resistant or better yet, waterproof.

#3 – Chlorine Water Pools

Just like other items around a pool, bean bags may eventually deteriorate due to heavy usage and constant exposure to elements in the environment. For example, pools treated with chlorine may cause the bean bag’s fabric to fade – this is particularly prevalent with inferior products.

Therefore, when buying pool bean bags, check the product’s description. It should be made with a commercial grade fabric or Marine Grade Vinyl for lasting protection against fading.

#4 – Salt Water Pools

Salt water doesn’t contain the same harsh chemicals such as bleach which is found in chlorine pools, so exposure to salt water won’t cause the bean bag to fade as quickly. There is however some downside of salt-water pools. The fabric’s texture may accumulate salt water and once dried, result in crystallisation that can damage the material.

Secondly, if the zipper is made from metal, it could rust when exposed to salt water. Corrosion can eventually make it hard to open and close the zipper and leave stains on the material. If you have a salt water pool you should rinse your beanbag thoroughly after use to prevent salt water build-up.

#5 – The Effects of Sunshine

The sun may also damage pool bean bags. Prolonged UV exposure can cause the fabric to fade, crack, or peel. So, when buying bean bags for the pool, choose a fabric that has UV protection to minimise the chance that the fabric will discolour. Also, ideally pool bean bags should be a light colour since these won’t absorb heat like darker colours tend to.

#6 – Mould and Mildew Resistance

Moisture is forever a factor to consider in the pool area, and it can put your bean bag at risk of mould, fungus, and other bacteria. Poolside bean bags should have an anti-bacterial coating to reduce the risk of fungal concerns. A Marine Grade Vinyl bean bag is designed to ward off the buildup of these elements.

Final verdict

Even if you don’t have a swimming pool at home, bean bags are a great option for any outdoor space, whether that’s a deck, garden, or balcony. They are portable, come in a variety of designs and colours to compliment any outdoor space. Now all we need is to wait for summer!

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    Why should good design be limited to inside? Poolside bean bags not only look great, but they are incredibly comfortable too! Great piece guys, thank you very much.

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