Essential Summer Pool Tips To Keep Everyone Safe

We all love to cool off during a hot summer day by taking a splash in the nearest swimming pool. However, sadly, pools are one of the most dangerous areas for little children.

If you’ll be poolside with little ones this summer, it’s essential that you equip yourself with all of the safety know-how to ensure that time in the water is safe and fun for everyone. If your children plan to spend any time in a swimming pool this season, the following tips are sure to help. 

#1 – Swimming Lessons

Swimming lessons are super-important for any child, especially if you live in a water-loving country like ours. From a young age, children should be enrolled in swimming lessons until they have gained proper knowledge of how to swim and stay safe. And if you have teenagers, enrolment in a CPR course is also recommended.

#2 – Appropriate Pool Fencing

If you’re lucky enough to have a swimming pool in your backyard, then you’ll need to make sure it is properly enclosed with a fence that’s at least 1.2m high, and which has a self-latching gate to prevent easy access by little ones. Importantly, you also need to keep any poolside furniture far enough from the fence to prevent children from climbing over easily.

Stylish pool fencing can be bought at places like National Pool Fences who will guide you to solutions that meet all the regulations, while looking aesthetically-pleasing as well. It’s essential to remember that swimming pool fences are not just a legal requirement, but a necessary precaution to keep your loved ones safe around the pool.

#3 – Sunscreen Protection

Sunscreen is even more important while children play in a swimming pool given the fact that the water reflects and magnifies the sun’s rays, effectively acting as a large mirror that can potentially cause dangerous and harmful sunburn. Every person (mums included!) needs to have a generous amounts of 50+ sunscreen applied before leaving the house and after they have swum in the water.

#4 – Supervision

If children are going to be in or around a pool, or any body of water for that matter, then careful adult supervision is required. Unfortunately, it only takes a matter of seconds for tragedy to happen, so proper supervision must always be your main priority.

#5 – Drain Covers

They may sound innocuous enough, but sadly, every year there are numerous reports of children who have had their clothing or hair caught in a pool drain. Pool drains need to be properly and securely covered to avoid the risk of injury. It’s wise to keep scissors and a first aid kit right beside the pool to cut away any clothing or hair that might be caught in the drain.

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