NOA Debuts New Single: Villian


BWA have had a chance to catch up with our favourite singer from this years X Factor Australia. You may remember NOA from his audition of “When Doves Cry– Prince” Noa striked much interest for not only his voice but unique sense of style.

We chatted to NOA about how he started out and launching his best debut single ‘Villian’ and his new collaboration with internationally renown fashion designers ‘Mr Gugu & Miss Go’.

When did you start your music career?
I started my music career at age 8 alongside Paulini from Australian Ido,l performing at the Bankstown Performing Arts Festival and also being featured on Saturday Disney for the Disney on Ice Jungle Adventures.

How did you know that this is exactly what you wanted to do for the rest of your life?
I knew the moment I saw the Spice Girls. I remember my mum buying me their concert on Main Event in the 90’s and I wanted to be all of them in some way. I loved Scary Spice being so fierce and Posh being so fashionable so I kind of ended up watching all these musicians growing up and taking a little bit of everyone to become who I am.

What genre is your greatest influence in music you make?
My music is genreless. I admire all forms of musical genres. My iPhone is filled with KPOP, RnB, Pop to Country to Classical Piano and Rock. My music, especially my new single VILLAIN, is a merge of genres and takes you on a new musical turn at every section. I would call it a fusion of genres.

What musician do you most admire and why?
I admire a few for different reasons. I admire Lady Gaga’s business mind. I admire Rihanna’s ability to revolutionise her look every album. I admire 2ne1 and their fashion and genre hopping. I admire the risks Michael Jackson took.

What is next for you and your career?
I hope to work with international artists and get my name out there globally. You can never plan anything in the entertainment world! One minute you’re up the next minute you’re down which sucks, however, I plan to release my EP next year along with launching my fashion and record label NOASWORLD.

Tell us about your latest fashion collaboration.
My latest collaboration is working with Ben Conroy and his label Revolution The Label. I am opening the September Collection, Adelaide Fashion Revolution show on the 26th September. I am very excited about sharing this with Ben. He is a great designer! I am also recently the Australian face of Mr. GUGU & Miss Go, a Polish-American label full of big and bold prints and colours which I love.

Who is your greatest fashion icon that you draw inspiration from?
CL from the Korean Band 2ne1. Need I say more?

Lastly, if you could have breakfast with anyone, dead or alive, who would it be?
I would love to have breakfast with Walt Disney! That man was a genius.

Hear and see more from NOA on his facebook and fashion blog page.


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