Why Moving To Perth Is Easier With Upmove

moving to perth

Are you considering moving to Perth and are looking for trusted tradesmen like removalists Perth? Don’t know where to start? Well thanks to Upmove it’s an easy job these days due to their unique and innovative platform helping thousands of newcomers, buyers or simply shoppers move their goods at ease.

Upmove – what is it?

Upmove is a child of the digital era born out of the brains of very innovative and forward thinking founders who wanted just one thing – to help people with large and heavy deliveries find local, trusted removalists. Since the launch in 2018 in New Zealand they are coming to Australia now and have chosen Perth as their starting point!

The platform uses digital technology to contain all of the available removalists, car transporters and other service providers in one place in order to provide customers with an auction-style competitive platform. Such a platform makes removalists compete for end users’ jobs thus driving the prices down and it’s all done with simple few clicks on your computer at the comfort of your home.

Upmove will select, vet and check all their drivers prior to allowing them on the platform, so rest assured you’re in safe hands with your goods. What’s more, you can message your preferred removalists directly and discuss the details like arrival time, loading issues and whatever else may crop up.

There’s also Upmove’s support line always ready to give you a hand, so any issues can be resolved quickly and efficiently. So, this platform is really the most convenient, cheapest and fastest way to book your local Perth removalists and welcome yourself to a new city.

Local Economy

You’ve probably heard the term gig economy in the past few years circling the media. Well this is another benefit Upmove is bringing to local businesses like removalists Perth as now anyone with a van and a licence can get a job or a side hustle. This suits well with dynamics of the city we all want to see – Perth that’s vibrant, innovative and always moving.

Companies like Upmove not only bring more work to the market they enter, but they inspire and engage a local startup community adding further benefit to Perth potentially. Business hubs, co-working spaces and local events all buzz about the next big thing in the tech world and crave for such success stories that inspire to create something on their own.

Upmove is also active and engaged in other local community areas which is all for the better for us all here in Perth.

moving to perth

Moving Tips

Create a checklist

Having a written down moving checklist will help you save time while not missing out on important items. Plan ahead and divide your packing schedule into weeks. Give it plenty of room in time, so you don’t rush through it.

Keep what’s most important in one place

As you’re entering the ‘moving chaos’ don’t forget to keep your most important items and files secured in one place. Create a moving file where you’ll keep everything like contract’s, insurance documents, important phone numbers etc.

Ask for help

Do not hesitate to ask for help from friends, family or neighbours. Moving can be a very stressful process, so others will understand you too. Allocate simple tasks like decluttering, cleaning or packing and you’ll see how things will start to move quicker and all for the better.

Hire a removalist

Forget about calling tens of companies trying to arrange the best time and then browsing the internet for reviews trying to understand who you’ll be dealing with. Simply use Upmove now and submit your load photos, a quick description and wait for quotes start flying into your email box.

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