Family: A Guide To The Most Popular Cat Breeds

most popular cat breeds

If you’re looking for a new feline to add to the family, keep reading to learn about the most popular cat breeds you can choose from. From purrfect Siamese kittens to puurfectly-impurrfect Main Coons, there is a feline for every human.

In the world there are two types of people: those who love dogs and those who love cats. Cats have a natural ability to rule the house, and are known to act as though their owners are their slaves. For these reasons and more, it can be debated that cats are the dominant pet choice.

Since cats have been around for thousands of years – and domesticated since 7,500 BC, many people claim that they are superior. Following the initiation of cat domestication in Ancient Egypt thousands of years ago, many different breeds have surfaced. (You can learn more about the history of cats here:

If you’re ready to devote your life to a cat’s every whim, keep reading for a look at the top breeds of cat.

A guide to the world’s most popular cat breeds!

most popular cat breeds

#1 – Most popular cat breeds: Siamese

The Siamese kitten is popularly known as the ‘Thailand cat’. These royal-looking felines have ocean blue eyes and signature markings on their paws, tail, and face. As portrayed in many animation movies, this breed of cat is extremely intelligent. From the Siamese cat came the Himalayan, the Oriental Shorthair, and the Sphynx feline breeds. These are also some of the most popular cat breeds for owners to consider.

most popular cat breeds

#2 – Maine Coon

The Main Coon is a giant among all the other cat breeds – males can grow to be as heavy as 5 kilograms which is just about the size of many family dogs! As such, Coons are known to completely take over the home with their big bodies.

Their natural photogenic features have made the Main Coon one of the most popular cat breeds in recent years, but owners of this pet should be prepared to give extra attention to the animal, given that they need regular grooming to tame their big, lustrous manes, a special diet, as well as plenty of active playtime.

most popular cat breeds

#3 – Bengal

Bengals are popular and it’s not hard to see why: their signature markings are similar to that of a leopard and a tiger combined, and because of this they look more like a wild feline than a domesticated one. Since these animals are a hybrid cross between Asian leopard wildcats and domesticated felines, their coats feature distinctive markings that many people find totally adorable.

Bengals need loads of exercise to stay happy and healthy. Owners can check out more on this page for info on how to ensure your cat remains relaxed and feeling calm.

most popular cat breeds

#4 – Sphynx

Originating from the Siamese feline, the Alien-looking Sphynx cat is a popular breed choice especially for owners with cat allergies. With almost no hair on their bodies, these cats have a very distinct physical appearance. Because of this strange newborn look, they are very misunderstood kittens – either you love them, or you are a bit frightened of them.

Either way, Sphynx cats are very social and love to hang out with dogs and other cats. Sphynx are known to act as though they are a dog – being able to play fetch and follow commands which is endearing to many owners.

most popular cat breeds

#5 – American Shorthair

Even though the most common examples of this feline appear to be a mixed-breed domestic cat, the American shorthair is a purebred in its own right. Previously known as the ‘domestic shorthair’, their name changed to ‘American shorthair’ in 1966 to try and differentiate them from a mixed breed to a purebred.

This popular pet is known for its round, chubby face and short ears. Their coats often have a tabby pattern, however you’ll find pure grey American shorthairs too. The American shorthair is intelligent, friendly, and the perfect companion for homeowners who like large pets.

#6 – Other breeds

Other popular cat breeds are the Ragdoll, Persian, Abyssinian, Birman, Himalayan and Oriental Shorthair. Depending on whether you like long haired, short haired, furry, fluffy, curly, large, small, or quirky looking, there are different types of crossbreds and purebreds available.

Remember that when you are looking around for a feline you needn’t focus only on purebreds. While domestic kittens don’t have a specific pedigree or ancestry line, they often have more of the interesting and unique traits running through their veins than purebred pedigrees.

No matter what type of cat you have lounging around your home, one thing is for sure: they all like to wander around and explore. It’s up to the owners to take measures to keep them safely inside the property. As long as you do your research on breed-specific traits, you’ll choose the perfect pet for your lifestyle.

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