The Little Black Dress Updated! 10 Outfits To Inspire Your LBD


We’ve come a long way since the most prominent ‘little black dress’ was the one hanging in Posh Spice’s closet. Of course, the LBD was around long before Victoria Beckham’s time – and so long as there’s fabric, needles and thread in the world – it won’t be going anywhere anytime soon.

Regardless of the dress code a little black dress brings class and a sense of put-togetherness. In most cases it’s a sure bet that you’re not going to look like the disaster you thought you would, whilst rescuing you from all of those dreaded “I’ve got nothing to wear” moments.

So in the spirit of Black Friday 2023 we’ve compiled an up-to-date edit of the 10 Little Black Dresses for this season – and next.

(And lucky for you, it’s highly likely that you’ll be able to grab one on sale. You’re welcome!)


1. Loose Ruffle Little Black Dress

A soft ruffle with loose bodice is always a nice option for those times we want to dress with ease. An added plunging neckline will compliment the baggy look of the dress, cancelling out any misconceptions that you could be dressed in a garbage bag from afar.
We love the ‘Spelt Out Dress’ by Cmeo Collective above.

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