Time Flying? How To Slow The Feeling Of Time Flying Too Fast

how to stop time flying

If you feel like every day is flying by like a minute, and you want to slow down a little, it’s time to turn to science for help. Here’s why time flies too fast and how to fight it!

By reducing boredom at the right moments and by focusing on something good at other moments you can manage your time – and the perception of time to feel happier.

#1 – Controlled Stress

When it feels like time flies is flying too fast, it may be because you are in your most ideal comfort zone – every day you do what you want to do, and you’re not challenged. That’s why an hour at work can feel like an eternity, and two weeks on holiday can feel like a day.

‘Controlled stress’ is a great way to “get back to the real world”. For example, if it’s the weekend, force yourself to do household chores, go for a run, or some other activity that challenges you. During times like this, if you want to stretch your moments of happiness, force yourself to do something slightly uncomfortable, causing a little stress. It’s a great way to keep yourself from getting lost in time.

#2 – Look for New Interests

It can be reading, sports, casino real money, or computer games – whatever your heart desires. Time flies quickly when your downtime is the same as it’s always been. Doing the same things over and over creates a fixation, which in turn creates a distorted perception of time. When the brain doesn’t “wonder” it can feel like time has passed quickly and uneventfully.

#3 – Novelty

For kids, every summer and every weekend is a little life. Their time doesn’t slow down because so much is new to them. Today, they walk around all day, tomorrow they play with their friends, then they go somewhere, and so on. They interact with a huge number of people. To make time flow slower for you, too, try finding new things to occupy your mind.

#4 – Do Ordinary Things A New Way

For example, if you go to work, try taking a different route. If you eat lunch at the same cafe, try changing the place to a different one. You may also find it useful to rearrange the furniture in the house.

#5 – Change Your Appearance

Even changes to your appearance can have an impact on our perception of time. Change your hair, and wear different clothes every day. This will help you break the monotony which can cause feelings of time flying by.

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