How Your Eyebrows Can Make You Look Younger

how to get rid of under eye circles
Like most things, what worked for us at the age of eighteen doesn’t necessarily work for us as we get older. As we get age, our eyebrows change as well. The good news, is that your eyebrows – when done right, can play a major role in reducing the signs of ageing.

When you use your eyebrows to your advantage, they can do some amazing things, such as: narrowing and straightening your nose (dramatically). Reducing the prominence of puffy eyelids (which will not only take off ten years, but also a few kilos off your face!) and − lifting your eyes.

If you’re looking for an instant boost to your face, read on for Rae Morris’s tried and tested ‘Eyebrow 101’:


Lesson #1 – Avoid “Eyebrow Excesses”

EXCESSIVE LIFT – If you lift or arch the brow dead centre, the downhill slant you create on the outer edge will create a huge saggy, puffy eyelid, which will age you considerably.

Remember what goes up must come down, and you never want to have to come down on the outer edge of your eyes. You’re also highlighting one of the most unflattering facial features, the brow bone.

EXCESSIVE GAP – The further apart your eyebrows are, the wider your nose will look in photographs. As we age, our nose does tend to get slightly larger, so the last thing you want to do is draw attention to it.

EXCESSIVE ROUNDING – Big rule here, do not use a protractor to trace your eyebrows so they look like the letter M.  It creates too much space between your lash line and your brows, which immediately adds years to your face by making your eyes look puffy and droopy.

Also, if you are concerned by under eye circles, a rounded brow shape will give you a complete circle, which is definitely not what you want.

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