How To Make Your Life Feel Like A Million Bucks (Without Spending It)


Living large can get expensive and it doesn’t help when Instagram is acting as a catalyst for everything marbled, in season and on trend. Between all the brunches, strawberries and champagne, and wanderlust, the bills can start piling up. But for the ladies who wouldn’t want to life any other way, here’s a collection of tips and tricks to stay as fresh as your lust worthy Instagram, while sparing your piece of plastic the workout. At Breakfast with Audrey we work hard, so we’re strong advocates for some well deserved R&R. 

Read on to find out the little secrets we use when we’re treating ourselves…

#1 – Home Decor Lust

Ladies, I think this should be a diagnosable disease in the dictionary (and my Pinterest would agree!). With a bit of planning and research, it’s easy to achieve interior perfection without spending your entire pay cheque. Stick with monochrome colours with strong but simplistic designs, and a few limited feature items.

Here’s some inspiration (fuelled by my secret love for Ikea and Kmart) to help achieve this look above at a slightly more affordable price.

Throw rug 
Chair (black) 
Chest of Drawers

Candle Holder
Canvas Painting

PS. Assembling furniture can be mind boggling and frustrating! Pair this with good friends and the wine and cheese tips to follow, and you’ll be sure to have a bit more fun!

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