Work: How to Create a Positive Brand Image

positive brand image
In 2021, if you’re running a business of any type, then creating a positive brand image ought to be kept top of mind. To succeed in the fast-moving, competitive marketplace of today, harnessing the power of brand building will be essential to your business’s survival. 

But having a positive brand image is more than just being ‘well known’ in the marketplace – it’s about being known by the right types of customers for the right reasons. While the process takes consideration, research, and of course – time and effort, the results are more than worth it.

Creating a positive brand image will not only boost the profile of your brand, it will help you grow a higher quality customer base and set you apart from the competition.

Here are 6 ways you can create a positive brand image for your business

positive brand image

#1 – Build Strong Connections 

Creating many connections is admirable, but what you really want to be doing is building relationships for the long term. By nurturing relationships and developing them, you’ll show those you work with that you value their time and are appreciative of their input.  

To build strong relationships, you need to keep in contact with people. For example, you can invite them to launches and events, or simply invite them to meet in person. Whilst the post-COVID world has meant that most of us now operate our meetings in the virtual realm, meeting your business connections in person is still highly advantageous if it can be arranged.

Business travelling at the best of times (let alone within the pandemic context) can be stressful, so use helpful travel management tools to make the experience as smooth-sailing as possible.

#2 – Harness Social Media

Like it or loathe it, social media is now a way of life and it’s one of the key aspects of brand building in the modern age. No matter the platform, social media allows you to influence people’s (potential customers) perceptions of your brand, so make sure you use it wisely!

The fundamental key is to post interesting content that speaks to your audience, and post it often. For instance, if you’re a pet-grooming company, then posting content that speaks to animal rights will show people that your brand has values and which extend beyond just giving pets a makeover.

And, when it comes to attracting attention on platforms such as Instagram, it’s essential you are using the right hashtags. You can check out here for how to find the best hashtags.

#3 – Be Open About Your Practices

People like honesty and transparency, so be open about the business as much as you can. For example, share with your audience a behind the scenes snapshot into how production works, or explain how you work to ensure your carbon footprint is as low as possible.

These days, ‘going green’ is another critical part of creating a positive brand image, so apply focus to the ways your company can operate in a more green way and promote healthier practices for the earth.

#4 – Have an Excellent Website

It’s a simple fact that people judge your company based largely on the quality of your website. Moreover, these days, every business – no matter how large or small, needs to have some sort of online footprint beyond social media. So, unless you have substantial web design experience, you should hire a web designer to create a site that’s user-friendly, technologically smooth, and visually attractive.

Given that your website is an extension of your brand, always ensure that it’s design is well considered and accurately reflects your brand’s aesthetic and messaging. 

Another important point is website localisation. Having a multilingual site will tell international customers that the company cares for their business. Of course it’s possible to employ a whole team of professionals to help, but fortunately there are a lot of services which you can use instead. Working with one of the top 10 translation services online is an easy and cost effective way to build the site in multiple languages simultaneously.

#5 – Use Videos for Marketing

In a YouTube-obsessed world, videos are one of the best ways to market your business online. By posting videos that use real voices and faces, you will instantly give your brand a more personal feel, showing people that there’s real people behind the logo.

Don’t just stick somebody in front of a phone camera and start recording, however. There is an art to producing video content that attracts customers. Although your production doesn’t necessarily have to be super high-tech, a little practice, some video editing skills, and excellent equipment go a long way!

#6 – Deliver a High-Quality Service For a Positive Brand Image

Last but not least, the most important ingredient when you’re looking to create a positive brand image is delivering a genuinely high-quality service that people actually want and will pay for. No matter how well your brand is perceived, your image will shatter if the  customer service or product is poor. By focusing on delivering consistent quality, you’ll gain regular customers, positive feedback, and an excellent reputation.

#7 – Attend Trade Shows and Industry Events 

When it comes to building a brand image, visibility is key. Visibility drives awareness and means that audiences naturally become more aware of your brand. As such, your presence within your industry must extend beyond the digital world into “real-life” interactions too.

Attending things  like industry events and tradeshows allows you to interact with potential customers face-to-face. Not only can this help you strengthen your relationship with your target audience, it can also help you secure valuable leads. And a tip: when it comes to obtaining leads, give each member of your team an ipad (you can rent these through an ipad rental company if you don’t have them) so that each time they speak to an attendee, they can round up the conversation by encouraging them to sign up for your mailing list using this device. 

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