Life-Hack: How to Choose the Right Internet Provider

how to choose the right internet service provider
We all use the world wide web each day. Whether we’re shopping, working from home, ranting on social media, ordering food and groceries, sending emails, or keeping entertained with TV and movies, the internet is almost as ingrained in our existence as breathing.

And if there was any doubt about how important the internet is for the world, as of July 2020, almost 4.57 billion people use the net actively. This includes a little bit over half of the Earth’s population, at 59 percent. In terms of usage, the countries which lead the charge in internet usage are China, India, and the United States.

If you’re looking for a new internet service provider (ISP), start out by knowing that they are definitely not all created equal. To use the net fast, and with ease, you need an internet protocol and world wide web service that won’t be interrupted with slow and intermittent download speeds.

But let’s face it, you don’t want to get bogged down in too much tech-speak nor break the bank either. In this article, we summarise the key things you need to consider when choosing an ISP.

you don’t want to get bogged down in too much tech-speak nor break the bank either. In this article, we summarise the key things you need to consider when choosing an ISP.

# – Key deciding factors

First, the availability of the service needs to be considered. In the case of regional internet registries, high-speed cable or fiber connections often aren’t available. In more metropolitan or suburban areas, internet availability is increased. Location is key for ISP availability.

Speed is also a super-important factor when choosing an ISP. You will want the fastest internet connection your computer network can handle, so there are less periods of slow speeds when streaming or surfing. Therefore, download speeds play another factor in determining if the internet provider is the right one for you.

Normally, the speed you need is determined by what you’ll be using the internet for. General web surfing like reading news sites, checking email, and social media can get by with a slower speed around 1 Mbps (megabytes per second). For something more rigorous like accessing corporate systems and frequent large file downloading, it helps to have a speed that’s much faster, like 50 Mbps and up.

#2 – Bundles and Packages

Most service providers offer a range of bundles and packages to appeal to different types of customer. This may be influenced by where you live, too. If you’re in metro areas, you’ll most likely have access to stronger packets and computer networks than regional areas, and also more competitive pricing.

Try to find a bundle that combines various services into one cost-effective option. This could include a mobile phone, internet service, and an entertainment subscription. As well as saving money, these bundles save time and effort in managing the various accounts and billing. Just be aware though, that some of these bundles can be almost too tempting, and you could end up signing up for more than you really need and paying a higher overall monthly outlay as a result.

#3 – Promotions

Promotions are also worth considering when shopping for a new ISP. In a competitive landscape, you may just happen to find a promotion that offers substantial savings – whether upon sign up, or over the life of the contract.

#4 – Customer Service

Lastly, when looking for a new internet provider, be sure to find one that has excellent customer service! Customer service representatives are the front line for ISPs. You’ll need to contact these reps any time you experience outages, slow lag times with downloads, or just need to have general questions about your account answered. Choosing an internet service provider that has a solid reputation for great customer service should always be considered when choosing your next ISP.

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