How To Choose The Perfect Makeup Case

how to choose the perfect makeup case
There’s nothing more frustrating when you’re trying to tackle your makeup routine in the morning, than having to rummage through piles of products before you (hopefully) find what you’re looking for. And the problem is even more annoying when you’re travelling!

Thankfully, the answer is simple: you need to get yourself a makeup case! But not all makeup cases are the same. Choosing the best makeup case is important for organising your cosmetic items properly, so that you can have everything you need at your fingertips. They’re also handy for helping you remember what items you have so that they don’t get buried into the bottom of the bathroom drawer forever.

Choosing the right bag depends on whether you’re using it for everyday, travel, or perhaps even work. Obviously, the size, functionality and durability you need in the bag will depend on its purpose.

If you’re a makeup artist, then the right makeup bag is essential. Too small, and you’re still rummaging through bags and boxes. Too big, and you risk breakage of the items (not to mention looking a little under-equipped), and if it’s not sturdy and solid enough, you won’t look professional.

Today, traditional makeup artists and stationary makeup artists today are rather rare. They are fast being replaced by mobile beauty studios who apply make-up and do the hairstyle at the client’s home before a wedding, formal or a corporate event. The travelling beauty studio must be prepared for frequent trips and life on the road, so investing in a sturdy and space-saving case as well as a ring light from Luvo Store is a must.

Whether it’s handy and portable, or roomy and on wheels – all of these makeup cases have their pros and cons and will work in different settings. How to choose the right make-up box to always have everything you need on hand?

how to choose the best makeup case

Adjust the trunk to your needs

Every make-up artist started somewhere, and although you’d probably love to have a huge box full of cosmetics from the beginning, in practice, such collections have been built for years, with constant tweaking to ensure the best products remain in rotation for clients.

Smaller makeup trunks are great not only for eyelash stylists but also for fledgling make-up artists as well. If you don’t have a huge makeup kit, then it’s not worth investing in a large trunk on wheels from the beginning. However, it’s worth thinking ahead at least a few years as you’ll grow into needing something slightly bigger by then.

In a good make-up case, all make-up accessories such as brushes, makeup sponges, foundations, powders, blushes, bronzers and eye shadows should have their designated space. It is worth paying attention to whether the makeup trunk has been equipped with enough compartments for storing individual products. In an optimal version, you’ll find drawers as well, which will help you sort your cosmetics exactly in the way you like. The way the interior of the trunk is laid out can really affect the how comfortable it is to use, as can the quality of the materials.

When choosing smaller makeup trunks or adapting an ordinary suitcase for travelling trunk, it’s a good idea to use an additional interior organiser that you throw inside to help you sort and protect your gadgets.

Of course, not every client will need you to take a full supply of cosmetics with you, especially if you already know the client or know what makeup look they’re after. Many makeup artists have a larger trunk on wheels that they take with them for the whole day of work, which contains everything they have, plus a smaller trunk with a practical handle (which still fits a lot of cosmetics) for the specific task.

Before you decide on a specific model of your new makeup case, look carefully at the photos, read reviews, or better yet – ask friends from the industry for recommendations. And, if you want your prized makeup collection to be completely safe and a trunk that lasts for years, then skip the cheapest plastic models that will damage your items faster than your favourite foundation runs out.

Your makeup case can also help you make your work more efficient. First of all, organise it in a way that seems most practical to you. That may be, designating a separate space for foundations and another for eye shadows. And always store brushes separately so they do not get damaged or squashed. Remember that you will also need accessories for cleaning brushes and sponges, makeup fixing sprays, cotton pads, make-up removers and mirrors, and these all need to find a home in your travelling kit.

You don’t have to be a professional makeup artist to want to buy a user-friendly and perfectly organised makeup case, but if you plan to start a career in makeup, a handy and easy-to-take makeup case is the basis is a MUST!

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