Health Resolutions For 2024 That Are Actually Attainable

health resolutions you can make in 2024

When the New Year rolls around, do you find that you’ve settled with the same resolutions you’ve set year after year, failing to achieve them every time?

Setting unattainable goals is a common mistake many of us make, and they can become overwhelming and demoralising pretty quickly. Whether you want to include more movement in your day or kick your smoking habit by getting nicotine prescriptions and quitting for good, the key is to make small, attainable changes that will lead you in a positive direction. 

Here’s 8 health resolutions you CAN achieve for 2024!

#1 – Simple Meditation Practice

Mindful meditation can be an intimidating technique to perfect. But with some know-how and perseverance, it is much more approachable than you may think. Meditation is a worthwhile inclusion into your routine, particularly for those who lead busy and stressful lives. 

When you first begin, start small with just five minutes a day at the beginning or end of your day. As you become more comfortable, you can slowly increase the time to suit your needs. If regular meditation feels unappealing, try walking meditation or practice breathwork just before you go to sleep.

#2 – Easy Movement

Many people underestimate the incredible health benefits of taking a walk every day. This simple, easy-to-complete exercise has been scientifically proven to reduce the risk of depression, raise endorphin levels, protect against heart disease by strengthening your cardiovascular system, and support weight-loss goals, to name a few. 

The beauty of choosing to walk daily means you can complete your goal with relative ease. Whether you decide to take a brisk walk before work, an evening stroll with your family, or catch up with a colleague with a casual walk around the office block, you’ll find it to be beneficial and sustainable. 

#3 – Fitness Style Change-Up

If your fitness motivation is lacking and you find yourself looking for any excuse to skip your workout, it may be time to try something new. An easy way to reignite your motivation for movement is by trying out a unique fitness style or workout class at your local gym. 

Step out of your comfort zone and get your heart pumping with a HIIT workout, or learn a new technique in a strength training class. The unfamiliar environment may initially be intimidating, but you may just unlock your new passion. 

#4 – Declutter

We all have areas or rooms in our homes that would benefit from proper decluttering and cleaning. But the mere thought of tackling the problem is often overwhelming enough to stop most people from starting the process. 

Instead of trying to finish the task all at once, break it up into smaller, more manageable chunks that can be completed over time. A messy and cluttered home is known to be a significant cause of stress, and achieving your goal will double as a stress-relief technique. Implementing a plan to avoid re-cluttering the area once you are complete is essential, as this will negate any hard work and time you invest in the process. 

#5 – Gratitude Practice

If you are new to practicing gratitude, you may struggle to find the motivation or reasoning to complete it every day. However, building a solid gratitude routine can leave you feeling grounded and allow you to build your self-worth and confidence. 

While some choose to employ a gratitude journal where they can write and reflect on the things they are grateful for, it can be as simple as telling yourself two or three things each morning while completing your skincare routine or brushing your teeth. 

By recognising and appreciating what you feel grateful for each day, you can experience improved feelings of positivity and contribute to your mental health in productive and healthy ways. 

#6 – Reading & Relaxation

Ditch the screen time and the endless scrolling, and instead, use your downtime to pick up a good book. Whether you can read a book a week or prefer to take things slow with a few pages before bed, finding a book you want to read and enjoy is a fantastic way to reduce stress and incorporate a relaxed hobby into your day.

You can choose to keep things old-fashioned or delve into the modern world of Kindles, but reading before bed is a proven way to destress and ready your mind for sleep. 

#7 – Daily Hydration

If you’re someone who creates goals that involve removing something from your diet, it may be easier to add something positive to begin with. For example, instead of trying to reduce the amount of caffeine you consume, start with drinking one extra glass of water per day. 

Once you have found an everyday routine with this inclusion, you can slowly turn your attention to reducing and eliminating the unhealthy habits you no longer feel are necessary to your routines. But start small. Making large, sudden changes is much more challenging to maintain. Make small but consistent changes that will culminate into big differences. 

#8 – Social Media Detox

The online world is more burdensome than it has ever been before. And for many people, traversing this endless environment is a regular part of their daily routine. However, the constant presence online has been found to have negative impacts on the mental and social well-being of many people. 

Throughout 2024, taking a monthly phone detox can significantly decrease feelings of brain fatigue, anxiety, and low self-esteem brought on by contestant comparison issues. Give yourself a well-deserved break by putting your phone away for at least one day per month.

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