Health: Supplement Patches, Gimmick or Genius?

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We are in an era where most people are aware about their overall well being, and many are looking for alternative solutions to maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Enter, supplement patches. What are they, how do they work, and are they the next big thing?

While we are in an era of self-awareness, we’re also in the era of quick fixes. Most people don’t want to spend more than 5 minutes making dinner, and this has contributed to the popularity of convenience foods and services such as Uber Eats.

However, along with our convenience food-loving lifestyle, comes an onslaught of various lifestyle diseases. To get the nutrients they lack from their food, many people turn to taking multivitamins and other kinds of supplements such as supplement patches. 

But first, what is a supplement patch?

According to claims made by supplement manufacturers, supplement patches are an adhesive patch which are embedded with your daily dose of nutrients and applied to the skin. When applied on the skin, these vitamins and nutrients will enter the body and into your bloodstream.

There are various of benefits espoused about why supplement patches are a better way to take your daily dose, which we’ll get into a little later on. So, are supplement patches scientific genius or just a marketing ploy? Let’s take a look.

Here’s everything you need to know about supplement patches.

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How do supplement patches work? 

To begin with, supplement patches have a backing made of a tough, yet smooth material that helps to protect the potent inner layers from the environment. They consist of a membrane that helps to control the release of supplements or vitamins from the reservoir, and an adhesive side which adheres the patch onto the skin. Finally, you have the formula-supplement reservoir inside.

Once a patch has been applied on the skin, the supplement formulation is activated by your body heat, allowing the vitamins to enter your body through the skin and the blood vessels into the bloodstream.

Whereas we are used to taking vitamins, medications, and other nutrition products such as Fat Burners Only orally, studies have shown that taking supplements and medicinal substances this way mightn’t actually be the BEST method, given that they can lose a great deal of effectiveness by the time they pass the digestive system.

Earl Hailey from says that the best thing about patches is that they ensure the highest amount of the supplement’s active ingredients are absorbed by your body. In this way, supplement patches are an ideal option as they bypass the digestive system.

Supplement Patches vs. Pills/Tablets

For anyone seeking help with weight and diet, whether that’s weight loss or weight gain diets, it’s important to ensure that you’ve chosen the right program to provide you with all the essential vitamins and minerals.

However, even with the best program or supplements, you still may not receive all the vitamins and minerals you need. And in case you need any guidance on weight loss surgeries like gastric sleeve surgery, then the Weight Loss Surgery London can be a great help.

To achieve the most out of whatever you are taking, you need to find the most effective way of taking it. As mentioned earlier, the disadvantage of swallowing nutritional supplement pills is that once in your stomach, they can be degraded by gastric juices and lose their effectiveness. Keep in mind though, that this varies from person to person and the type of food consumed.

Benefits of supplement patches?

#1 – Supplement patches do not involve the digestive system

Besides the possible degradation that can happen to nutrients when swallowed, any vitamins or supplements that come in pill form often contain binders and fillers that can upset your digestive system.

Secondly, there are people who’ve undergone mouth or throat surgery, and for those people it can be difficult and painful for them to force down pills and tablets or take injections. With supplement patches, however, they are simple to use and are not painful. In addition to this, you are sure to get the most out of them nutrition-wise.

#2 – Supplement Patches Are Long-Lasting

Depending on your body’s nutritional needs, you can apply more than one patch at once. This means you can apply two patches in the morning and two at night. This is an ideal solution for people recovering from draining ailments. Additionally, supplement patches can be worn for up to 8 hours for maximum benefits.

#3 – Maximum Absorption

The rate of nutrients and mineral absorption can vary from person to person. According to recent studies, only about 10% of ingredients in a vitamin capsule is absorbed by the body. This cannot be said about supplement patches as they are in direct contact with the skin. This ensures the direct delivery of vitamins to the bloodstream and into all the parts of the body.

The best places to apply supplement patches on the skin include the inner and outer part of the upper forearm, on the shoulders, and the wrist. 

#4 – Versatility

Much like vitamin tablets, supplement patches are available in a wide selection of varieties. For instance, suppliers like Gold Bee – Botanical Supplements & Hemp Products offer a range of patch options that can help you do anything, whether that’s help you relax, kick start your day with bursts of energy, or provide a daily boost to your vitamin and multivitamin intake.

However, it’s still important to talk to a nutritionist or your doctor to know exactly the type of nutrients your body needs the most. You don’t want to overload your system with only one vitamin.

#5 – Convenience

It’s not easy juggling between routines, responsibilities, and your health and wellness. While there are dietary solutions other than tablets and patches that deliver wholesome nutritional value, they require time to prepare. Supplement patches have become the most convenient way to get all the vitamins you need even as you go on with your everyday activities. Well, let’s face it, you may not have the time to peel, blend, or carry hundreds of pills with you every day to work.

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    important to talk to a nutritionist or your doctor to know exactly the type of nutrients your body needs the most. You don’t want to overload your system with only one vitamin.

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