Gift Guide: 7 Great Gift Ideas For Vets

best gifts for a vet

With Christmas around the corner, it’s the perfect opportunity to give your vet something to show your appreciation. We’ve collected some cute and practical gift ideas for your animal’s best friend.

A good veterinarian is one of the most valuable people for every pet parent, helping and supporting you and your fur baby for many years. Whether you give the perfect eftpos gift card or any of the items selected below, you’re onto a winner.

#1 – 3D Crystals

Your veterinarian is worth their weight in gold for their love for animals and their willingness to help! One cute and funny gift you can give your vet is a 3D crystal photo with an inscription like “Best Vet Ever” or something like that. At the Artpix 3D website, various crystals types and shapes are available so that you can come up with a unique personalised gift. Simply order online and the company will ship 3D crystals all over the USA and the world.

#2 – Cases and Bags

Some veterinarians offer home visits to ensure their fur patients receive exceptional care. And in this case, they need to bring a lot of things with them, such as implements and medicines. A high-quality, resistant, roomy bag with many compartments or a built-in organiser will always be helpful for a vet who does home visits.

Medical stores offer specialised veterinarian bags, with dedicated space for a laptop, ampoule holder, and transparent compartments for easy access to small instruments and materials. These bags ensure that everything you need is at hand.

#3 – Gadgets or Office Supplies

If you have an upcoming trip to the vet’s clinic planned, take notice of what is missing. Maybe a new computer mouse pad, wall clock, or calendar would be a good gift. Another useful gadget for both office and home is a smart air humidifier. Optimal air humidification makes us feel better, more focused, and more productive. This could be particularly useful in a small vet’s office to keep the air clean and comfortable.

#4 – Pair of Crocs

While they aren’t the most fashionable, crocs are officially the most comfortable work shoes. Many doctors and healthcare professionals who spend the day on their feet in operating rooms or examination rooms prefer to combine their scrubs with these particular clogs. Although clothing and accessories are considered a rather personal gift, a gift like this won’t seem  inappropriate because it is intended to make their work day more comfortable, and it shows that you care.

#5 – Skin Care Sets

Every veterinarian will appreciate an excellent nourishing hand cream. With endless washing and scrubbing, daily wearing of gloves and use of  antibacterial agents, vet’s hands can become dry and cracked easily.

Hand cream always comes in useful, so the fifth tube is just as useful as the first. To make the gift more special, choose a premium brand that they can’t just pick up from the supermarket or grab a selection of lotions with different scents. If possible, give preference not just to simple moisturisers, but more oily protective and healing creams with panthenol, promoting skin healing.

#6 – Coffee Gift Card

Most likely, your vet, like any busy person, will grab coffee at the coffee shop closest to the clinic on the way to work, or at lunchtime. What better gesture could there be, than to spoil your vet with a pre-paid coffee card or pre-paid account for a month’s worth of coffee! For busy people, the best gifts help them make some extra time in their schedule.

#7 – Daily Planner

Whether you opt for a traditional paper planner (which is still very popular and comes in many variations – you can even buy specialised vet planners), or an advanced planner and reminder mobile app, helping your vet to keep organised is sure to be an appreciated gift. Given that a veterinarians’ life is filled with urgent home visits, night calls from pets owners, and constant surprises, they need to organise what can still be organized and a vet planner is the perfect solution.

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