Game Night: 5 Popular Games To Bring People Together

best game night ideas

Hosting a game night is a fun event for your crew of friends. However, being the host is not always easy! You need to determine what games to play and what food and drink to serve.. it can leave even the most calm host frazzled.

Whilst some might enjoy playing slow-paced games like Catan, while others enjoy action-packed dare games. Additionally, if your friends are regular visitors of casinos mentioned on the webpage that features all kinds of online casino games, picking a casino-themed gamed might be the perfect pick for the game night.

If you’re hosting a game night, here’s a great list of ideas to get you started.

#1 – Poker

If your friends love to live on the edge and enjoy the casino, then picking poker as the main event of the game night is the perfect choice. It’s an entirely different experience to pokies in online casinos and online poker, as it forces players to behave carefully when they’re playing in person. Even if you have highly competitive friends, it’s still going to be a fun night as you watch your friends fail at bluffing. It’ll immediately show who’s got the best poker face skills and who hasn’t.

#2 – Pictionary

Pictionary is a fun game where people compete in pairs. Essentially, Person A gets a word that they need to draw to their partner, Person B. The person who says the word wins a point. This might sound like a game where people who have chosen painting as their favourite hobby have a slight advantage, but that’s not always the case. Some abstract terms require a special connection between the person drawing and guessing what it is. It’s a graphical association type of game that will bring people together quickly.

#3 – Codenames

Here’s another game where you’ll get to see how good your friends are at lying. Codenames is among the most popular games played at game nights around the world. Two teams have their separate spymasters who navigate their respective teams to guess who agents are. The goal is for the teams to get more agents than the other and to avoid pointing out the assassin. The team that points out the assassin automatically loses the game.

game night ideas

#4 – Game of Phones

If you’re into dare-like games, this is a modern version that your friends might like, especially if they use their phones all the time. It’s the perfect way to spread the fun to those who are not there with you. Some dares include sending messages to friends and family. Others are childish and fun, whereas some are true challenges that only the bravest ones will manage to accomplish.

#5 – Tiki Toss

Tiki Toss has become popular on social media. Even though the majority of people are playing it as a drinking game, it’s also suitable as a betting or a dare. The person who loses has to do something. It’s an actual game of skill that the most competitive friends will thrive playing. It’s definitely a game to keep on the list, as it’s fun.


These are a couple of useful ideas to keep in mind, however, if you’re more for a good night out, here’s a few other ideas to consider. Organising a good game night today is easier than ever. There is an abundance of options out there, and it all comes down to analysing what your friends are going to enjoy the most. If you’re unsure what they would like, simply organise a poll with several options included, and you’ll quickly find the perfect fit that your friends will love.

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