Jumpsuit Outfits: 8 Stylish Looks For Grown-Ups


If we listened to The Fashion Rulers, we’d all be perennially confused. With rules changing just as fast as the seasons, it’s not just hard to keep up – it’s downright impossible!

One lingering fashion myth is that after a certain age overalls, jumpsuits, playsuits and the like should be left behind. This youthful style, The Fashion Rulers say, should be left to the youth.

Here at BWA, we couldn’t disagree more! Why should we let the kids have all the fun!? Playsuits and jumpsuits are everything we should be wearing: fun, playful, versatile and just the right amount of sexy.

For those still unsure, never fear! We’ve put together all the inspiration and tips you need to master this “fashion mistake.”

jumpsuit street style

Image: http://www.masha-sedgwick.com/

Click through the following pages for inspiration on how to style your jumpsuits, playsuits and overalls your way. The possibilities are endless!


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