Why You Need The Groutfit In Your Life This Season


There are few things that can knock the all-black outfit from the mantle of chic, but one of the things that most definitely can do this is the ‘groutfit‘. That’s right, that’s an all-grey outfit. Whilst the all-grey-everything monochromatic outfit has been a celebrity and street style favourite for the past couple of seasons, there’s no reason to throw the heather-hued look to the curb just yet. With way too long to go before warm weather returns, this chic neutral look is the perfect way to break up a repertoire of black whilst looking luxe and on-trend. The groutfit is also a nice easy way to transition into spring, for any occasion.

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The key to nailing the all-grey outfit is starting with clean, minimal pieces, and being strategic with your accessories. Layering is the friend of the groutfit, and ensures the neutral look looks luxe every time. Add in a few minimal metallic accessories or hardware-accented shoes or bag and you have all the components of a classy, sophisticated all-grey look that’s anything but drab!

Click through our gallery of the best groutfits from Pinterest and see if you’re not inspired to add a few new grey pieces to your wardrobe this season!


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