Exciting New Eyebrow Treatments To Look Out For 


Gone are the days where eyebrows products were as simple as a pencil and a brush. As we wave goodbye to the thin, over plucked eyebrows in our rear view mirror, we’re also driving into a new world of brow gels, powders, pomades and tints. 

To help you navigate through this new brow-based world, we’ve prepared a collection of the new ways to keep your eyebrow IQ high. Add these products to your make up bible for eyebrows as fresh as the spring air that’s just rolled around the corner. 

Scroll through for the latest brow innovations to try this year!

#1 – Wunderbrow – Eyebrow Gel (Semi-Permanent)

We’re loving Wunderbrow’s eyebrow fiber gel, which boasts a staying power of up to 3 days. The product comes with pigmented colour technology with in-built fiber gel that adheres to your eyebrow hair and gives stronger, more voluminous brows with greater staying power than a traditional pencil and brush approach.

As summer comes, this means you and your flawless brows can enjoy a day by the pool with a cocktail in hand without having to worry about smudging from the water or heat.

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