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Almost a year ago, we touched on how the modern fashion world has often become about speed and fast fashion. By catering to the consumer’s desire to purchase more clothing at cheap prices, the fashion world often compromises on ethics or the environment. When too much compromise is made, inevitably not everyone comes out a winner.

So it’s refreshing when companies make it possible for both consumers and brands to make ethical choices. For an example of an ethically-oriented brand we love, check out our story on Me & Ms Georgie.

Ethical Fashion Two Rags Chevron Hipster Briefs

Another new Australian brand bucking the fast fashion trend is ‘Two Rags’, a company with a heartfelt social purpose. Two Rags makes a small line of colourful, funky organic cotton women’s underwear and improves feminine hygiene for a girl in need with every purchase.

They make as many people winners as possible by enabling consumers to take a stand on how fashion is produced and give back to people in need. In the process, they acknowledge that even in a small way, it is possible to make the world a better place for ourselves and others simply by making discerning socially-conscious choices.

Ethical Fashion Two Rags Partone Briefs


Two Rags was founded by Phaemie Ng in 2013, who names motherhood as the driving force in wanting to empower girls. The socially-conscious company treats the people who make our clothes fairly and donates a significant amount of proceeds.

While many of us take things for granted like sanitary products and unlimited access to information thanks to Google, many economically disadvantaged girls lack information, education and sometimes even access to quality sanitary materials each month.

It seems a no brainer to use clothing and fashion as a vehicle for good. The small range of organic cotton women’s underwear consists of low-rise hipster briefs. The soft cotton material is comfortable, cosy and is available in cheerful colours.

Ethical Fashion Two Rags Briefs

Their most popular style is the “Chevron hipster briefs”, a bold wearable design that features interesting contrast panels. Also popular are the “Double Trim hipster briefs”, a pretty unique design. The panties are produced in a small ethical fair trade factory in India using quality organic cotton that lessens the impact of pesticides and cotton farming on the environment.

Through a partnership with an India-based organisation Eco Femme, each sale guarantees a contribution to improve feminine hygiene for a girl in need by giving cloth sanitary materials, which are eco-friendly, washable and reusable. Girls are given an opportunity to learn about their bodies and periods from an educator through engaging quizzes, questions and answers and activities such as sewing pads.

Ethical Fashion Two Rags Briefs Workshop

Image courtesy of Eco Femme

Often, these girls have little understanding of the menstrual process to begin with, so these sessions provide them with an outlet to learn as much as possible about their bodies. So join the socially-conscious fashion movement.

Make a stand with your choices and make everyone a winner.

To learn more about Two Rags, visit their store at

Written with assistance by Two Rags founder, Phaemie Ng

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    This is a great idea. Moxie tampons and pads contribute in a similar way.

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